[One year, three months baby milk volume]_15 months baby _ how much

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[One year, three months baby milk volume]_15 months baby _ how much

One year and three month babies need to pay attention to the amount of milk. They should not eat too much, because a baby more than one year old should enter the weaning period intermittently, and one and a half years old should also be weaned.Relying on milk powder or breast milk will greatly hinder weaning in the future, so at this time 400-500 ml will be enough, and you can give your children some rice cereal instead of milk.


In general, we recommend that one year old baby should not eat too much milk, 400?
500 ml is appropriate.

Because one-year-old babies generally enter the weaning period, excessive milk intake is not suitable for the development of the baby, so it is still recommended that Baomao not let the baby eat too much milk.

In fact, there is no standard for the milk consumption of a one-year-old baby, because many times the baby still needs to analyze specific issues in some aspects.

And sometimes if the baby is very active, the amount of milk is also compared to the baby who does not love sports.

And sometimes if the child eats differently, there is a difference in milk intake.


Generally, the milk volume of a baby after 1 year and 3 months is almost 600ml. It is mainly based on formula milk. The nutrition in the formula milk is balanced and scientifically matched.The rest should be supplemented to the baby in time, such as rice, noodles, vegetables and meat. Adding complementary foods should follow the principle of single to multiple, soft to hard, and less to more.


It mainly refers to formula milk, because at this stage the baby has basically weaned milk, the baby is 1 year old and 3 months drink formula milk, generally drink milk once every 3 and a half hours to 4 hours, the child who feeds formula milk,Milk powder is not as digestible as breast milk, and at the same time fuller than breast milk itself. For the brand of formula milk, mothers do not have to think too much about brand selection and conversion, as long as it suits the baby’s taste.


Children under the age of 2 should not drink low-fat grandma. According to foreign research reports, too early to give children low-fat milk powder has an adverse effect on the child’s height and development. Therefore, children before the age of two should still drink whole milk.