[He will never indulge you again when he is here]

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[He will never indulge you again when he is here]

When desires strike, when men get to bed, it’s really hard for you to let them show love.

And women are naked in bed, and some small problems will be magnified.

Woman, when you get to bed, don’t expect men to indulge you in doing seven things.


Do n’t expect men to indulge in your bad habits. Most girls are very concerned about personal hygiene, especially when exercising on the bed, but everything has a very individual phenomenon. There are many women who do n’t pay much attention to their personal hygiene.There are many bad habits in life.

In the early days of love, both men and women tolerate the bad habits of each other. He can help you clean up the room silently, and maybe help you wash stinky socks, but once he knows that his girlfriend ca n’t shake and shake, then he will try to overcome limitations and transform you.This is a common problem of all men. Although men are careless, they are unwilling to live a life with women who have bad habits, especially when they are in bed, and any interest will disappear without a trace.


Do n’t expect men to avoid your love affair with old lovers. Women are always passionate, especially when they meet old lovers. They think that they have a relationship with themselves. The inner world of a man always saves an emotion and thinks he has loved her.Men will still love her.

This is not a common problem for men, but a common problem for men and women.

Regardless of being dumped or dumped, most lovers are still willing to keep in touch with their ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend after the breakup.

But the emotion inside a man is extremely selfish. He can allow himself to meet his old lover in private, but he cannot tolerate you going to meet your ex-boyfriend.