[What seafood is milked]_kind_benefit

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[What seafood is milked]_kind_benefit

For breastfeeding female friends, breast milk is considered to be better for baby’s development.

Therefore, during confinement, I eat some food to milk.

Many people think that chicken soup, pigeon soup, trotters and other foods can cascade milk.

But some seafood also has this effect.

But remind everyone here, if you are allergic to seafood, do not eat it.

So, what kind of seafood is milked?

According to relevant experts: We generally believe that fish and shrimp are hair products and should not be eaten after delivery.

In fact, for women a week after giving birth, nutrient-rich soups such as clam soup and catfish soup also help the mother to have a rich milk.

Peanut trotter soup: nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, Tongli milk; lamb chop soup: beneficial to the development of bones and babies and promoting blood production; sea bass tonic soup: promoting wound healing, pain relief, especially suitable for cesarean delivery;: High protein content, clearing heat and detoxifying, it is a delicacy for vegetarians and caesarean sections.

Lactating foods are as follows: peanuts can be used for spleen deficiency nausea, edema, leucorrhea in women, anemia and various bleeding disorders and cough due to dryness of the lungs, dry cough, cough, postpartum lactation and other complications.

Loofah: Loofah is a traditional Chinese medicinal material with a sweet and cold complexion. If there is breast secretion, there are lumps during milking, and when the milk is not secreted smoothly, the Chinese Medicine Association recommends that the loofah is cooked in a broth and you can startTo regulate the effects of breast qi and blood, lactation and appetizing phlegm.

茭 White: It is delicious and nutritious, and contains glucose, protein, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C and many minerals.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the white nature is sweet and cold, has antipyretic, anti-thirst, diuretic and prolactin effects.

Now use glutinous rice, pork trotters, and co-boiled food for better prolactin effect.

Peas: Peas, also known as green beans, have a sweet taste, are rich in phosphorus, and contain about 400 mg of phosphorus per 100 grams.

Pea is good for urination, fluid, acne detoxification, diarrhea, and milk.

Green peas can be cooked lightly or mashed and squeezed with pea seedlings to squeeze juice.

Tofu: Tofu is good for qi, middle and health, moisturizing dryness, clearing heat and detoxifying.

It is also a prolactin food.

It can be boiled with tofu, brown sugar, and wine and boiled.

Soup: It is said that soup is enough to help milk.

You can choose different prolactin soup according to your mother’s taste, such as peanut stewed pig’s feet, catfish soup, yam stewed hen soup, steamed stewed black chicken soup, and rice stuffed egg flower soup.

But the mother should pay attention, do not put malted milk and other drinks containing malt, because it will cause milk back.

Black sesame: Black sesame is rich in a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body. With the participation of vitamin E and vitamin B1, it can accelerate the metabolic function of the human body. Iron and vitamin E in black sesame prevent anemia, activate brain cells, and eliminate blood vessels.An important component of the endothelium, the mother is well, and can naturally milk.

Lettuce: Lettuce is divided into leaves and stems, which are rich in various nutrients.

In addition to iron, other nutrients are higher in leaves than stems. Therefore, when eating lettuce, it is best not to discard the leaves without eating.

Lilium oleracea: Lilium oleracea is very rich in nutrients, and contains 14 protein per 100 grams of dry product.

1 gram, which is almost similar to animal meat.

In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins B1, B2 and so on.