[Can the bean sprouts be eaten]

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[Can the bean sprouts be eaten]

Many common vegetables in life can be eaten in a variety of ways, both cooked and raw.

Bean sprouts are rich in water, and many people think they can be eaten raw.

However, some people have said that bean sprouts cannot be eaten raw, and eating bean sprouts raw may cause food poisoning.

Whether unripe bean sprouts can be eaten, many people claim that they are different.

So, can the bean sprouts be eaten if they are not cooked?

First, the soybean sprouts are unripe and cannot be eaten.

Soybean sprouts contain saponin and hemagglutinin. They have certain toxicity. This toxicity will only disappear under high heat. If you eat half-fried soybean sprouts, the human body may be poisoned.Soy bean sprouts friends must pay attention to, or else they will suffer.

Undercooked soy sprouts can cause food poisoning.

Soybean sprouts and hemagglutinin are toxic substances, and their toxicity can gradually disappear after high heat. If the soybean sprouts are not ripe, these two substances will cause poisoning in the human body. The main characteristics after poisoningSymptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and severe symptoms such as numbness in the extremities and sweating.

Pay attention to eating soybean sprouts: 1.

Uncooked soy sprouts cannot be eaten, and eating them is bad for the body.


Soy bean sprouts are cold. It is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach if you eat too much, so you can’t eat more, and people with cold spleen and stomach and chronic diarrhea are not suitable for eating.


Do not eat soy bean sprouts with pork liver. It may cause symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea. Do not eat them with cucumber and alkaline foods. If you eat them, you will lose vitamins.

Second, mung bean sprouts are not poisonous. Raw mung beans are originally to clear the liver and detox.

Bean sprouts are not the same as soybean sprouts. Mung bean sprouts can be eaten with hot water, so don’t worry.