Eczema itching is difficult to sleep, a kind of snake-protected grass (cooked and drink), the effect of solving eczema is good!

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Eczema itching is difficult to sleep, a kind of snake-protected grass (cooked and drink), the effect of solving eczema is good!

Many people in modern society are affected by various diseases, especially due to the hot weather, and the incidence of eczema has also increased.

Many people think that eczema cannot be completely cured because it has characteristics that are difficult to cure, but is this really the case?

Eczema is an infectious reaction caused by a variety of reasons. The affected area is often accompanied by pus exudation, redness and swelling of the skin, showing spots, and some can even develop into a smashed skin. The external image has a great influence, and it is more obvious.The shape is irregular, and sometimes it can be changed according to some differences.

Under what circumstances is it easy to cause eczema?

For example, allergic reactions, allergic physiques, if exposed to allergens, such as pollen, bacteria, seafood, etc., can cause allergies, skin diseases; neurological dysfunction, mental stress, depression or excessive fatigue; dietary factors, due toMalnutrition, bacterial infections, etc. can reduce the body’s immunity, leading to external pathogens easily invading the body.

Only when the cause of eczema is fully understood can we be symptomatic.


Recipe treatment.

Take green barley, talcum powder, 15g of cypress, 9g of borneol, put together for grinding, can be adjusted with sesame oil, twice a day is the best.

However, this method is better for chronic long-term treatment and conditioning eczema, but it cannot be used for acute subacute eczema.

It can also be used together with the ointment[Dongrun Hanfang Antibacterial Cream], which can significantly relieve eczema in 2 days.


Wet dressing.

Take Nepeta, windproof, Cork, Cnidium, Sophora flavescens 12g, add to the pot in the order of tanning, boil after hot, wet three times a day.

This method can adjust the physiological function of the body, conform to the internal hormone secretion of the human body, and can well heal the affected skin.


Itching treatment.

Itching is the most unbearable complication of the patient. Therefore, you can take 200g of betel nut 200g, 200g of cork, and grind it into fine sand. When used, you can use sesame oil to reconcile once a day.

This method can relieve the symptoms of itching and make the skin more delicate, but it is not suitable for acute patients and it is easy to delay the disease.


Chinese medicine cream for external use, but only a single component, only for mild patients, want to completely cure, combined with traditional Chinese medicine ointment, in order to restore the elimination of wet itching, many patients reflect[Dongrun Hanfang antibacterial cream]is good, according to this understanding in the treatment of eczemaAcute measles, dermatitis and other allergies cause good results.

It usually takes about 3 days to suppress eczema. Now it is in the pot, it is very convenient to mail it to your home. You can try it.

Eczema has recurrent characteristics, which is often inseparable from its improper follow-up care. Here are some recommended places in our life, which can be completely good care, and I hope to help everyone.

1 Eat more fruits and vegetables, supplement the body’s nutrients, and drink plenty of water to regulate body metabolism.


Strengthen exercise, maintain the body’s resistance, do protective work when going out, wear gloves or a mask.


Ensure that the living environment is clean and tidy, avoid high temperature weather, ensure ventilation and air circulation at all times.


For skin erosion, avoid hot water cleaning, to prevent contact with microorganisms, and to avoid infection.