[Is it easy for a woman to get pregnant?

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[Is it easy for a woman to get pregnant?

For some men, if you want your wife to become pregnant, it means more sexual life. In fact, there is no scientific conclusion on how high the female’s chance of conception is. It is often that ovulation is the easiest pregnancy.Otherwise, it is not easy to get pregnant at other times.

Of course, the chance of conception has a lot to do with sexual position, so is it easy for women to get pregnant?

May be pregnant.

However, first of all, it is recommended that both men and women are contraindicated for three to five days. Try it in the same room during ovulation. The man should go up and down and don’t rush to pull out the penis after sex during each sex. The woman can step on the pillow to increase pregnancyProbability, excessive sexual life may also affect pregnancy.

Notes for the same room: 1. Before sexual intercourse, the husband and wife should clean the vulva and maintain hygiene to prevent bacteria from invading the pregnant woman.

2, pay attention to sexual intercourse posture, to prevent abdominal pressure, postures to be avoided are: flexing position, riding position and elbow and knee position.

3. The intensity of intercourse time should be appropriate, the action should be gentle, avoid excessive stimulation, and the duration should be shortened accordingly.

4, pay attention to considerate wife, respect wife, cancel forced sexual intercourse.

5. Use condoms.

Semen is rich in prostaglandins, which can contract the smooth muscles of the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is recommended that prospective fathers use condoms during sexual intercourse.

Dangers of husband and wife during pregnancy According to experts: After pregnancy, due to the role of sex hormones, pregnant women’s reproductive organs have more abundant blood flow, blood vessels are congested and thick, and they are easily injured and bleeding.

The vagina becomes moist and easily accessible, and the genitals and breasts are more sensitive.

If a pregnant woman appreciates her body shape without worrying about contraception, she may find that her sexual desire increases after pregnancy.

However, the following hazards may be possible: First, compression and exercise during sexual intercourse will hurt the threshold.

Second, sexual life may infect the uterus.

Third, orgasm may cause miscarriage and premature birth.

Pioneer suspended in amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid is a layer of liquid that protects the environment around it, causing it to vibrate and bump.

The uterus is completely closed by mucus, and sexual intercourse does not cause uterine infection.

If you are pregnant normally, orgasm will not cause premature birth unless you reach the time of delivery.

But you need to avoid orgasms in the last month.