[Encyclopedia of dried salted tofu]_ making method _ how to make

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[Encyclopedia of dried salted tofu]_ making method _ how to make

Salted pork fried tofu material 1/3 pieces of salted pork, 8 pieces of dried beans, 1 piece of pepper, 2 pieces of green onion, 5 cloves of garlic, 5g of salt (1 tsp), 5g of scallop powder / chicken powder (1 tsp)1. Slice the salted pork. Do not put oil in the frying pan, fry the salted pork dry and fry until cooked. 2. Cut the garlic and pepper, cut the onion into sections, cut the dried beans to a suitable size, and use the original pot (Do not need to wash the pan), if the oil from the salted pork is too little, continue to add the above oil to sauté the garlic, pepper, and onion. Put the dried beans into the pan, fry them a little, add salt, stir-fry the scallop powder 3, and finally addSalted pork, you can leave a little green onion and put it at the end, stir well and serve. Salty tofu dried ingredients. Ingredients: dried tofu. 300g pork. 100g auxiliary oil. Amount of salt. Amount of raw soy sauce. Amount of green onion.Moderate step 1.

Prepare ingredients 2.

Cut tofu into small strips.

Scallions cut diagonally.

Green garlic cut diagonal section 3.

Put some oil in the pan.

Add pork stir-fry 4.

Stir in oil.

Add tofu and stir-fry 5.

Fry until golden.

Add watercress sauce.

soy sauce.

Some salt is fried evenly.

Finally add green onions and garlic 6.

Turn over the dried beans.

Cover with scallions and garlic and simmer for a while. Salted tofu dried omelette Ingredients Ingredients Eggs 4 Salted dried tofu 2 Small green onions 1 Auxiliary salt Salted fresh flavored cooking process Ten minutes Time-consuming simple salted dried tofu fried eggPractice step 1 Mom dried the salty tofu by herself, soak it in clean water for a while and clean it.

2 Dried tofu slices, soak in water.

I ‘m afraid that the mold will be very salty and hard when I ‘m drying it. It must be soaked before frying to taste delicious. If it is bought in the market, it is not so hard.

3 Put the dried tofu and eggs together, and chop the shallots into it, add almost one egg of water, and season with salt.

4 Put oil in non-stick pan, pour the stirred egg liquid into the pan and fry.

5 golden can fragrant tofu omelette.