Delicious rice, sweet taste and slimming!

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Delicious rice, sweet taste and slimming!

Many dieters lose weight think that staple food is the main culprit leading to obesity, and simply reduce the staple food as the main means of dieting. This method is very undesirable.

  In fact, the absorption of staple foods can lead to satiety, which can lead to a controlled diet to a certain extent.

Moreover, if you can improve the satiety of rice, you can not feel obesity under the reduced food intake, so you can easily get the weight loss success.

Try to add a “material” to the rice to make it a more “satisfying” weight loss staple.

  Choosing “rough” raw materials to make rice into black rice, purple rice, coarse rice, etc. are all good choices to delay digestion.

If you feel that they are more pungent, you can soak them for a night, or cook them in a pressure cooker, then cook them with rice, or cook them directly into a thick porridge. Instead of white rice, you can use it as a staple.

The colored substances on the outer layers of black rice and red rice are beneficial to delay the rate of digestion, so the water must be cooked in the rice.

  In the rice food, add beans, red beans, peas, soybeans and other beans are rich in minerals and trace elements, but also rich in a large number of complementary fibers, while also providing rich protein, can significantly improve satiety.

Since the body’s digestion rate of beans is much lower than that of rice and rice porridge, the rice and rice porridge can be significantly increased by using rice and beans one to one.

  Add some “glue” oats to the rice. The staple foods such as barley contain gelatinous substances. They are soluble filler fibers, which can increase the viscosity of food and delay the digestion.

When cooking rice and porridge, you can put some oats, or you can add seaweed, saponin and other gelatinous raw materials.

  Adding cellulose and plant polysaccharides to the vegetables in the rice can increase the volume of the rice. The large amount of water can change the volume and delay the gastric emptying. Therefore, the rice does not hinder the addition of some mushrooms, bamboo shoots, mushroom, kelp, bracken.The same high-fiber vegetables can not only enrich the pattern, but also improve the feeling of fullness.