[Pumpkin dumplings]_ dumplings _ how to make

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[Pumpkin dumplings]_ dumplings _ how to make

I believe that pumpkin-filled dumplings are rarely eaten, and most people do n’t know how to make them. In fact, the taste of this dumpling is still very good. It is quite suitable for some children to eat, so it wo n’t be wrong.Their gastrointestinal tract causes a very large burden and will have a certain effect of nourishing the stomach. The most important thing is that the fruit contains many nutrients and pectin and other ingredients.


Wash the shallots and ginger and cut into pieces for later use; wash, peel, peel, root, top, cut and scramble, shred the silk, add fine salt, mix well, squeeze out the water; wash the shrimp skin, drain the water, and reserve.

Put pumpkin and shrimp skin into the pot, add minced shallot, ginger, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil, lard, stir well to serve as filling.


Add flour and water to form a dough, simmer for about 1 hour, knead it and knead it into strips, each about 10 grams of small preparations, flatten them one by one, roll them into a circle, thin the edges, and slightly thicken the dumpling blankPeel, wrap in fillings and knead into dumplings.


Pour water into the pot. After boiling, disperse and dump the dumpling greens. Push gently with a spoon to make the dumplings turn and cook for about 2 minutes. When the dumplings rise, cover the pot lid.On the heat, simmer for four or five minutes, pour in some cold water, boil and pour in cold water, cook until the dumplings are fully cooked, remove and place on a plate.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is rich in trace elements cobalt and pectin. The content of cobalt is unavailable in any other vegetables. It is a trace element necessary for the synthesis of insulin by trace island cells. Eating pumpkin often helps diabetes.

Pectin can slow down the absorption of sugar and cations.

Determination of vitamin A content in pumpkin is better than green vegetables.

Eating pumpkin can prevent high blood pressure and some complications of the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, pumpkin has many effects such as detoxification, protecting gastric mucosa, helping digestion, preventing diabetes, reducing blood sugar, eliminating carcinogens, and promoting growth and development.

Shrimp skin: Shrimp skin is rich in protein and minerals, especially the content of calcium is very rich, known as “calcium pool”, is the best way for calcium deficiency.

Shrimp skin is rich in magnesium, which can protect the cardiovascular system, and has a certain effect on preventing arteriosclerosis, hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Shrimp skin also has a calming effect and is often used to treat neurasthenia and autonomic dysfunction.

The elderly often eat shrimp skin to prevent osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. Putting some shrimp skin in the food of the elderly is good for appetite and physical fitness.