[Cool cold dishes]_ cold dishes _ production methods _ how to make

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[Cool cold dishes]_ cold dishes _ production methods _ how to make

Cold dishes are very popular in everyday life. There are many types of cold dishes, but whether it is cold dishes when eating fast food, cold dishes with porridge, or cold dishes with other things, cold dishesIt ‘s not delicious, appetizing, and it can increase appetite, but everyone knows that there are many cold dishes. The following is a detailed introduction to the practice of fast food cold dishes.

A quick recipe of cold dishes, a method of mixing cabbage: peel the cabbage to clean it, cut it into one-inch, half-inch wide pieces with a straight knife.

Boil in boiling water for two or three minutes and lift it up. Do not overdo it. Drain the water and place in a bowl.

Stir in soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and salt.

In addition, add shrimp, dried fragrant, green and red pepper shreds, vinegar, and sweet and sour cabbage.

Features: Sweet, salty, crisp, and wine side dishes.

Second, the method of mixing mung bean sprouts: pick the mung bean sprouts for impurities, wash them, and cook them in a boiling water pot (be careful not to overheat and soften them).Shred, sprinkle with fine salt, add onion shreds, ginger shreds and mix well, and top with vinegar and sesame oil.

If you add soft and rotten dried silk, the fans will make three pieces of mung bean sprouts.

Features: fresh and delicious, nutritious.

3. Cucumber and shrimp slice preparation method: Peel the prawns, cook them in a boiling water pot, and remove them to air-cool; wash the cucumbers and cut them into a semi-circular slice with a straight knife;All paragraphs are put on the case for future use.

At this time, cut the cold shrimp into slices.

Refill and season.

The order of the plate is: firstly use the green leaves to make the bottom, and then arrange the shrimp slices into a pattern (optional), put the cucumber slices and green garlic seedlings on the upper layer, sprinkle the water fungus, and pour the soy sauce, sesame oil, and vinegar.

Features: bright and beautiful, fragrant and delicious.

4. Wash the leeks with the chives mixed with dried silk. Wash the leeks slightly in the boiling water pot, quickly turn over, and then blanch for about three seconds. Pick up the bamboo basket, shake the water vigorously, and cut into one-inch long sections., Put in the plate, stir in salt and MSG while hot.

In addition, cut the dried incense into shreds, sprinkle it on chives, drizzle with sesame oil and mix well.

Features: Chives are quickly immersed in boiling water, the size is slightly crispy and fragrant; the fragrance is dry and flexible, the taste is refreshing, and the bean curd is mixed with hemp sauce.Remove the water and place it in the dial.

Then turn the sesame paste into a paste with cold boiling water, heat the peppercorn oil, add refined salt, MSG, and ground ginger to the beans, mix well and serve.

Features: The color is emerald green and the flavor is delicious.

6. Method for making shredded pork skin: first clean the pork, slice into pieces and cut into thin filaments; after the noodles are soaked, cut into pieces with a straight knife, cook in a boiling water pot, remove and place in cold water, drainDry and control the moisture, put in a plate and stir with chopsticks.

Set the wok on a hot fire, pour in the oil and heat, then fry the pork into the wok, add a soy sauce, and wait for the flesh to change color and spread on the fans.

Pour vinegar, sesame oil, mustard, salt water, and MSG into the juice.

Features: delicious and refreshing, with wine and cuisine.

Seven, kelp stir vermicelli method: Wash the kelp sand, cut into thin filaments with a straight knife, and cut them into boiling water to remove them; push them into five-inch segments, and wash the green leaves with straight blades to cut the filaments.

Add the three kinds of vegetables into the mixing bowl, and then add soy sauce, vinegar, salt, MSG, ginger, green onion, garlic, sesame oil in order, stir well, and serve on the plate.

Features: Silky long fragrance, pleasing color.

8. Method of mixing chives: Pick and wash the chives, cut them into inch segments with a straight knife, mix with salt and pepper, put them in a bowl and cover, and marinate for two or three days.

Features: Economical and affordable.