In a bad mood, wearing blue clothes

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In a bad mood, wearing blue clothes

Bad emotions are the brain’s response to external stimuli.

Sometimes, changing the source of the stimulus is good for improving mood.

The latest article in the US “Men’s Health” magazine pointed out that when you are in a bad mood, you may wish to try the following seven kinds of “psychological fake actions”, which can make your bad emotions slip away without feeling.


Strong smiles.

When you are depressed, psychologically stressed or angry, strong smiles help release bad emotions and benefit the body.


clean up the room.

A messy room or office can be disturbing.

Therefore, tidying up the room can improve bad mood.

For example, let the objects scattered on the floor be placed, clean up the things on the table, and tidy up the quilts.


Wear a blue shirt.

Blue is a natural mood “relaxation agent”, which is the real reason for “looking up to the blue sky and feeling relaxed”.

Visible, orange is the most irritating, black is easy to provoke anger, although red can enhance the body’s energy, but it is easy to disturb.



Clinical medicine at the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Center in London, UK, says singing is the easiest way to improve your mood.

Because singing can adjust the breathing, the whole body is rhythmic.

Whether you sing yourself or sing with friends, even if you just listen quietly, it helps to relax.


If you want to be in a good mood, the key is to eat well.

For example, a combination of bitter and sweet taste (adding orange juice to coffee), or a combination of soft and hard ingredients (popcorn and nuts), can bring freshness to the taste buds, and the robes improve mood.

Similar foods include sweet and sour pork ribs in Chinese food, sweet and sour chicken and so on.


Smell the lemon scent.

A recent study by the Ohio State University confirmed that lemon scent has a worrying, soothing and analgesic effect.

The study found that lemon scent can really improve the mood, smelling lemon and recovering the concentration of the energy hormone “norepinephrine” in the blood.


Intimate contact with pets.

A number of studies have shown that stroking animals such as cats and dogs can help lower blood pressure and stabilize heart rate, while reducing the incidence of cardiovascular complications.

Deborah Wells, a psychology professor at Queen’s University in Belfast, UK, said that humans and animals are intimately in contact with each other and have an amazing soothing effect that helps the body relieve its stress.