Drink eight kinds of health tea in the fall to clean up the body disease

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Drink eight kinds of health tea in the fall to clean up the body disease


Jasmine tea Jasmine tea is a tea with aroma. Usually this type of flower tea has the effect of spleen and appetite, which can promote appetite and help digestion.

If there is a loss of appetite, dry mouth, dry mouth, toothache, or abdominal dryness symptoms such as abdominal distension and constipation, you can drink some jasmine tea, which can be used for thirst, and has a good health effect.

However, it should be noted that since jasmine is generally replaced with green tea, the green tea is too cold and cold, so it is not appropriate for the body to be debilitated.


Rosemary tea rosemary smells fragrant, fragrant, tea to drink, tea light green, pure taste.

Drinking rosemary tea can resist computer radiation, enhance memory, eliminate bloating, lower plasma, promote blood circulation, inhibit obesity, and improve hair loss. It also has anti-infective and anti-bacterial effects.

Rosemary can be brewed with roses, verbena, lemongrass, chamomile, mint, jasmine, etc.


Chrysanthemum tea in the fall, due to the dry weather, a large number of office workers, repeatedly staring at the computer screen, it is easy to have dizziness, dry eyes and other symptoms.

For this group of people, it is recommended that everyone can drink chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tastes bitter and bitter, slightly cold, with the effect of dispersing wind and clearing heat, clearing the liver and improving eyesight, detoxification and anti-inflammatory.

For dry mouth, fire, witness, or limb pain caused by wind, cold, wet, numbness, you can take chrysanthemum tea must have curative effect.

It can treat colds and winds, headaches, etc.

In addition, chrysanthemum tea has a corrective effect on dizziness, headache, and tinnitus.


Chamomile tea uses chamomile to make tea, which can clear away heat and detoxify, clear liver and eyesight, promote blood and blood, lower blood pressure, regulate menstruation and relieve pain, moisten lungs and intestines, dissipate heat, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, relieve fatigue, calm emotions and improve sleep.

If you have symptoms of toothache, you can use chamomile to rinse your mouth to relieve it. You can also use the brewed chamomile tea and apply it on your eyes to remove dark circles.


Luoshenhuacha Luoshen and Rose have similar appearances and bright colors.

The smell is slightly fragrant, the taste is sour, rich in vitamin C, elder trisaccharide, citric acid and so on.

Using Luoshenhua tea, you can refresh your brain and calm your nerves, thirst, reduce liver, lower blood pressure, nourish blood and blood, beauty and beauty, eliminate hangover, help digestion, diuretic and edema, promote metabolism,Decompose excess feces in the body.

When brewing, you can add the right amount of honey or rock sugar according to your own taste. In summer, you can admit it after chilling, and it is very hot.

However, people with too much stomach acid are not suitable for drinking more.


Calendula tea, marigold, tea, pale yellow, fragrant smell, slightly bitter taste.

It has the effects of clearing heat and reducing fire, diuretic sweating, clearing away damp heat and lowering blood fat.

It can relieve pain, calm the nerves, regulate endocrine, and promote digestion.

Multi-level progress tea, you can drop fire to acne, ulcer sores and so on.

When brewing, you can add some honey or rock sugar to taste, and better entrance.


Apple flower tea apple flower tea, the smell is fragrant, the taste is slightly bitter, it is a new type of flower tea in series.

Drinking more apple tea will help to nourish blood, relieve neuralgia, blood and eyesight, and acne whitening.

You can try to mix apple flowers, roses and orange flowers to make tea, you can insert blood and blood, regulate blood gas, relieve depression, regulate endocrine and nourish the uterus, and have good health effects for women.


Rose tea rose tea has always been popular among women. Roses not only have a fragrant smell, but also have a health effect on women.

Rose tea, a kind of beauty and beauty flower tea, can not only emollient, but also relieve qi and blood, treat dysmenorrhea and improve menstrual disorders.

In autumn, when the temperature is lowered and the weather is dry, female friends can drink some rose tea to nourish and dry, nourishing blood and warming the stomach, which is very helpful for women’s health!