What foods do men eat to increase hormones?

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What foods do men eat to increase hormones?

75% of the human brain is water. The first organ affected by dehydration is the brain. The water is too small, which makes people feel tired and unresponsive.

If you use a drink or soup to replenish your body’s water, it will increase the volume and make your body fat.

So drink plenty of water between meals and meals.

Drink at least 2000 ml of water a day.

The quality and quantity of sperm in men after the age of 24 are going downhill. If there is a kind of old medicine that causes the aging sperm to re-energize, it is vitamin C.

High-vitamin C foods include kiwi, orange, broccoli, and asparagus.

Vitamin C can help the secretion of adrenal cortex (an anti-stress hormone) that fights stress.

The sour taste of tomatoes can promote the secretion of gastric juice and help digestion of proteins.

The rich vitamin C in tomatoes can produce collagen and strengthen blood vessels.

Carotene changes into vitamin A in the body, which increases the body’s resistance and inhibits reactive oxygen species that cause cell deterioration.

Carrots are rich in potassium and have a blood pressure lowering effect.

Carotene also prevents cancer.

Soybeans contain plant hormones, which are good for women. At the same time, soybeans are also excellent food for men.

Japanese men who often eat soy products are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than men in Western countries.

Soybeans are also effective in improving bone loss in men.

When a man is 60 years old, his bones will begin to lose and the situation is as serious as that of menopausal women.

Eat more soy beans to supplement lecithin.

Lecithin has been shown to be associated with short-term memory and learning ability.

After men are 40 years old, most people have problems with enlarged prostate.

An American experiment found that taking the extract of pumpkin seeds in patients with enlarged prostates did reduce the frequency of frequent urination and other symptoms.

Pumpkin seeds are also the best source of vitamin E and can fight aging.

Garlic has a strong bactericidal power and can eliminate germs that invade the body.

Garlic promotes the absorption of vitamin B1, promotes the metabolism of sugars to produce energy, and eliminates fatigue.

Another non-negligible function of garlic is to improve immunity.

Lead selenide contained in garlic has an antioxidant effect and is therefore considered a food for cancer prevention.

Men who eat more garlic can improve their physical fitness and strengthen themselves.