[What happens if you have too much sex]_ Too much sex _ Harm _ Harm

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[What happens if you have too much sex]_ Too much sex _ Harm _ Harm

In the daily life, both husband and wife will have sex, but we must know that the changed sex life has a certain impact on the health of men and women. Although it is said that the sex life can be changed and there is no certain standard, but also according to their ownPhysical considerations, what about excessive sex?

1. Once continuous sexual life is improper, it will seriously affect the lives of both parties.

Sexual organs “overworked.”

Because of the continuity and recurrence of sexual impulses, both men and women will increase the burden of sexual control of the nerve center and sexual organs. As a result of frequent exhaustion, the material must be reversed, but it will cause the decline of sexual function and cause the “premature aging”.

2. Induced sexual dysfunction.

Men’s sex life is also tiring, and you need to take a break in time in your life.

Men often repeat sexual life and prolong the ejaculation time, because the ejaculation time of the second sexual life must be longer than the first time, and then the impotence is gradually induced, no ejaculation, delayed ejaculation time, and no sexual pleasure in sexual lifeHidden dangers of obstacles.

3. The non-reaction period is too long.

In life, you must pay attention to reasonable rest, especially men need to take care of their bodies.

After sex, men have a period of non-response, that is, there is a reorganization after sexual intercourse that no longer responds to sexual stimulation.

Repeated sexual life often and repeatedly will prolong the non-response period, and it is easy to cause sexual function decline.

4. Aggravate lower back strain.

Men’s long-term adherence to their sex life will cause abnormalities in their waists.

Men often repeat their sexual life. Due to repeated and persistent congestion of the sex organs, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases will be induced, which will not only cause perineal discomfort, back pain, and blood sperm will appear.

And women often repeat sexual life, the sexual organs will always be in a congested state, which will induce pelvic congestion, the so-called pelvic stagnation syndrome, which produces discomfort such as heavy backache and lower body.