[Draining reaction of drinking indica red adzuki bean]_Action_Efficacy

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[Draining reaction of drinking indica red adzuki bean]_Action_Efficacy

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if the moisture in the human body is too heavy, it will affect other aspects of the body.

Therefore, each individual should regularly dehumidify the body, and there are many ways to intervene. The main method is to dehumidify through diet.

Red beans and indica rice are generally recognized as a very good dehumidifying food. So what kind of dehumidification reaction will occur on the body after drinking red beans and indica rice?

1. Water Leakage and Leakage: The most common effect after entering the body is water leakage, which has the effects of swelling, dispels dampness, relaxes muscles, clears heat, drains pus, and reduces swelling. It has very good healthHealth effects.

2. Treatment of body burnout Drinking barley in water can effectively treat body burnout.

This is because indica rice belongs to the category of meat products. It can be absorbed by the stomach after taking porridge or stir-fry. The body will have energy after taking it, and the body will have vitality after being able to do so.

3. Treatment of rough skin Barley also contains abundant protein-degrading enzymes. This substance can soften the horny skin after entering the body. It is a good treatment for some rough skin or excess vitamins. If you persist for a long time, you will find that the skin is getting better and better.Already.
In addition, long-term use of indica rice can also speed up the metabolism in the body, so that you can beauty and beauty, and delay aging.

4. Nourish the hair. Soak the barley in water or use it directly to wash your hair. In this way, some of the nutrients contained in the barley will nourish the hair, which can not only make the hair softer and softer, but also prevent hair loss.Perfect hair.

5, the effect of whitening skin soaked in soy water is a type that many women are very concerned about, because long-term scientific use of indica can effectively promote skin smoothness, while wrinkles and spots will be less and less.

If the body has acne or rough skin, using indica rice has a very good effect.

6. Barley rice with beriberi is very rich in vitamin B. The root cause of beriberi in the body is lack of vitamin B, so taking barley rice can fundamentally cure beriberi.

7, strong gastrointestinal health often take barley or drink barley water, can treat chronic gastritis and indigestion and other conditions, and promote rehabilitation health.