[Cantaloupe Grape Juice]_Juicing_Method

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[Cantaloupe Grape Juice]_Juicing_Method

The method of making cantaloupe grape juice is relatively simple. First of all, we need to peel and seed the cantaloupe, then peel the grapes. Put this in a juicer, add some ice cubes, and finally squeeze the juice.Add a few slices of lemon to enhance the flavor. If you don’t add ice cubes when you squeeze the juice, you can freeze it because the frozen taste is better and it is suitable for our summer together.

Grape cantaloupe juice Ingredients: cantaloupe 1/2 grapes 20 lemons 3 ice cubes 6 pieces of raw juice machine 1 grape cantaloupe juice method 1.

The grapes are cleaned and cantaloupe seeds are removed for use; 2.

First use the fruit ball digger to dig out 20 small cantaloupe balls; 3.

Grape peeling; 4.

4. Cut the remaining cantaloupe flesh into small pieces, peel 3 slices of lemon; 5.

Put the cantaloupe pieces into the juice machine; 6.

Put the lemon slices into the juice machine; 7.

Put 16 peeled grapes into the juice machine; 8.

Select hard fruit and vegetable mode for juice extraction; 9.

10. Add the squeezed grape cantaloupe juice to the large cup; 10.

The juice residue is completely separated and the juice is not oxidized; 11.

Add 10 cantaloupe balls and 2 grapes to the drink cup; 12.

Pour the squeezed grape cantaloupe juice into the drink cup; 13.

Add ice cubes, put straws and lemon slices to decorate; 14.

A beautiful glass of grape cantaloupe juice is ready!

Cantaloupe pineapple juice Cantaloupe is rich in vitamin C; organic acids contained in pineapple can stimulate gastric secretion and be beneficial to the function of the spleen and thirst.

The fruit juice synthesized by the two can prevent the accumulation of aging cells in the human body, refreshing, and is a very good diet drink.

Ingredients Cantaloupe, pineapple method 1. Wash the cantaloupe, cut in half, peel and seed, and cut into small pieces; 2. Peel the pineapple and cut into small pieces;

Honey can be added to the juice or not, depending on personal taste.