How to lose weight quickly in autumn

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How to lose weight quickly in autumn

When the weather turns cold in the autumn, people’s appetite begins to flourish, but the metabolism will decline, so it is easy to grow up.

How to lose weight quickly in autumn?

As long as you grasp the five principles, you can easily lose weight.

  Why is it easy to accumulate in the fall?

  First, the seasonal alternation changes the energy needs of the human body.

After the fall, the appetite of the human body is generally better than that in the summer. In addition, the basal metabolic rate of the human body will be lower than that in the summer.

In addition, most people gradually become more stable after the fall and winter, so that under the same conditions, the energy is more likely to accumulate in the body and form a fall.

  Second, due to the season, the food itself changes.

After the autumn, the food types will become more abundant. In the laws of nature, the autumn animals and plants have more nutritious nutritional value, especially the animal foods will increase the content of small nutrients in autumn and winter, which also has a high quality side.But if we don’t understand the choice, we will gradually make the saturated adult food in the food structure more likely to exceed the standard.

  How to lose weight quickly in autumn?
  First, diet 1, food is mainly liquid, semi-liquid food, but choose high-nutrient, such as soup, miscellaneous grains, porridge, milk, steamed eggs, fish and so on.

  2, with a small number of times as the principle, do not wait for hungry to eat, do not wait for thirsty and then drink, but each time with 60% is appropriate.

  3, the order of food is very important, first eat more water or plant foods of various colors, then eat some seasonal fruits, and then eat some vegetable protein-rich foods, such beans and soy products, this timeStart eating eggs, meat, fish, chicken, and even the junk food you like very much at this time, the amount can be controlled a lot less.

  4, the food should try to choose cooking and stewing, less oil and less salt.

Learn to taste the original taste of food.

  5, reduce the refined rice noodles, replace the staple food with whole grains and root vegetable food, a variety of colors of corn, potato, yam, potatoes to replace the staple food.

  Second, sports 1, the concept of sports anytime and anywhere is the current professional and life trend.

For example, maintaining a good chest and abdomen hips immediately makes your posture more beautiful. If you can learn to adjust your breathing persistence to maintain this state, your daily energy consumption can grow by an average of 10-15%.

  2, the formation of family exercise habits, the habit of exercise is very important, do not care too much about the form and skills of sports, continuous sports, even small sports, can benefit in the long run, everyone together to do sports concept to make family membersThey are more likely to persist, and the family’s exercise is entirely helpful to the family’s emotional health and has many effects.

  3, the principle of moderate amount of exercise is a little tired, especially reminded to be good at discovering the body’s predictions in tourism or other festival activities, such as dizziness, backache, shortness of breath, nervousness are the body’s early warning, sports and leisure and slow healthConsciousness is currently advocated, and urban people need to relax and let go.

  4, the targeted elimination of body fat movement must be small and medium strength but insufficient, if you are not suitable for high intensity, it is repeated, and then a large amount of exercise, may bring the goal of improving heart and lung function, the simplestThe standard is a medium- and small-intensity aerobic exercise that is not suitable for asthma.

Moreover, learning the deep breathing and exercise combined with good natural environmental conditions is the most obvious effect on health.

  5, transforming a variety of postures and forms of movement to form a match and complement is currently recommended by sports scholars.