Mom and Dad also want to new breathing

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Mom and Dad also want to “new” breathing

When the winter came, the cold wind was helplessly shut out of the window.
How can you still hear the “hhh” barking in the house?
It turned out that my father and mother were pulling the “small bellows” on their chests.
I thought that the warm sunshine in the room would make my mom and dad comfortable for a new year. Now it seems that I have to help my father and mother to have a “new” breath.
  This winter’s weather seems to be particularly strange, and it is cold and cold. Xiaoxin’s parents have caught her cold and made her feel good.
In the blink of an eye, the old couple of the old couple had to gather together. Xiaoxin worried that they would catch a cold on the road and could only pick it up in person. I didn’t expect it, but I heard the old “sentimental words”.
  ”I have caught a cold in the winter of the past two years, and it is still a section of the “Metro” section. This is not a cold last month. Recently, I have a runny nose and a fever.
”  ——孙老先生 72岁 退休教师  “前段时间有点咳嗽,我以为就是普通着凉了,自己吃点药就好了,可半个月了还不好,还每天都觉得挺累,我就去I went to the hospital, and the result was a pneumonia!
——Lu Ayi, 58-year-old director of the neighborhood committee “I started coughing and coughing every winter ten years ago. It will take several months at a time. This is not. Now it’s winter, and the old mistakes have been committed.
Hey, I don’t have a good rest every night, I’m distressed.
—— Professor Liu 65-year-old retired professor “I have been a chronic supporter for 20 years. I have recently added new problems. I don’t know why, the two feet are swollen, especially in the morning, and I have chest tightness and little urine.
– – Lin Bobo 70 years old Translation “I have always had a bad chest in the last night, and I heard that my throat is always snoring, but after a while I will be good.”
I have had such a situation since I was a child, but it has not been sent for decades, and it has been attacked this winter.
”  ——李叔叔63岁 企业主管  越冷越猖狂的寒冬肺腑”杀手”  肺腑“杀手”1老年肺炎  专家诊断:  引起老年肺炎的原因不是一个感冒能概括的,比如吃饭喝水的时候呛咳、Food misfeeds into the trachea can cause pneumonia; weak body, long-term bed-ridden cough, sputum can not be cleared smoothly, can also cause pneumonia.
Moreover, the most important feature of pneumonia in the elderly is atypical. He may not have a fever, a little cough or a cough, or he may feel uncomfortable with the stomach, burnout, and lethargy. He may not go out and bend out, and his spirit is wilting.
These are some very atypical performances that are not easy to distinguish.
However, geriatric pneumonia is one of the main causes of death in the elderly, and it must not be taken lightly.
  ”New” breathing key points: Mom and Dad should be hospitalized immediately after diagnosis of pneumonia, do not underestimate the disease; let the father and mother rest in bed, keep warm, drink plenty of water, eat some easily digestible foodSuch as porridge, noodles, etc.; If the father and mother have shortness of breath, purple lips and other symptoms of hypoxia, try to use nasal catheters with low flow oxygen; often give mom and dad time to turn over, sleep as much as possible while sleeping, letThey can take a deep breath to promote the elimination of sputum; after the condition is stable, let the father and mother get out of bed as soon as possible, don’t always lie in bed.
The right amount of activity not only enhances the strength of the cough, but also facilitates the movement of the sputum outwards, which is easy to cough up without deposition.
  老爸老妈的居住环境和活动空间要保持一定的湿度,用空气加湿器、地上洒水、暖气上放湿毛巾、水槽等措施增加空气中的水分;  肺腑“杀手”2慢性支气管炎  专家诊断:  Chronic bronchitis is a common disease in the elderly. Many elderly people have a history of bronchitis. Because they have not been completely cured, they have relapsed and become “old and slow.”
“Old slow-branch” is easy to be complicated by emphysema and pulmonary heart disease. It is cold and dry in winter, and it is easy to induce respiratory infections, which leads to the recurrence of “old slow-branch”, so the elderly cannot be taken lightly.
  ”New” breathing key points: Because sleep is almost no sputum at night, but the sputum production is as much as during the day, so parents should be helped as early as possible in the morning.
  Tobacco and alcohol are the natural enemies of the old slow-moving parents. They can lead to a decrease in the defense function of the lungs, aggravate the “old slow-branch”, induce an acute attack, and produce dampness, which stimulates the lungs to cause the disease to worsen.
  If you accidentally get stomatitis and dental disease, it may become an acute episode of “old slow-branch”, so oral hygiene should be given special attention.
  If the father and mother have obstructive emphysema and pulmonary heart disease, they may have hypoxia, and low-flow home oxygen therapy is a more suitable rehabilitation method for parents.
  Pulmonary sputum “killer” 3 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) expert diagnosis: COPD, also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the abbreviation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is lung disease but not pneumonia, is caused by chronic airway inflammation caused by airflow obstruction.
Although it includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, not all chronic bronchitis and emphysema must have airflow obstruction, and airflow obstruction is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Cold in winter, cold air will cause increased mucus secretion, weaken bronchial ciliary movement, and mixed with winter air, easily increase the infection of pathogenic microorganisms such as rhinovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, influenza B virus, pneumococcal strain, influenza bacillus, etc.Poor resistance can easily induce an acute episode of COPD.
  ”New” breathing key points: Learn more about COPD and its ability to deal with diseases, reduce repeated acute attacks; encourage fathers and mothers to improve their confidence in fighting diseases, don’t let them feel that they are family cumbersomeWhen climate change, pay attention to cold and warm, prevent respiratory infections, it is best to inject flu vaccine to prevent “hit” by the flu; after the mother’s illness has entered a stable period, it is best to carry out long-term home oxygen therapy to maintain low flow.Oxygen inhalation for a long time, preferably 1~3 l/min, at least 12-15 hours per day.
Nasal catheters and masks, humidification bottles are generally cleaned once a day, and humidified bottles are usually changed once a day.
Nasal catheter and humidification bottle are changed once a week; Strengthening respiratory muscle exercise: It is mainly to learn abdominal breathing and lip breathing.
  For moms and fathers with chronic obstructive lungs, don’t let them carry out high-intensity physical exercise. They can usually take walks, tai chi, breathing exercises and judo exercises. Don’t be impatient, step by step, you insist.
  If parents have previous similar diseases, in order to prevent and reduce acute attacks, they should learn to record changes in the condition and treatment response, and give feedback to the physician to help correct the current treatment and improve the next treatment plan.
  Pulmonary sputum “killer” 4 chronic pulmonary heart disease (pulmonary heart disease) Expert diagnosis: Pulmonary heart disease is a common disease in the elderly.
Simply put, it is the recurrent episode of chronic bronchitis, which develops into obstructive emphysema and eventually leads to pulmonary heart disease.
Bronchitis → emphysema → pulmonary heart disease, this is the three stages of the evolution of the disease.
Elderly people with pulmonary heart disease may have swollen feet, love to sleep, and have a purple complexion. The blood vessels in the neck may be a bit drumy.
Pulmonary heart attack may cause respiratory failure and heart failure, severe cough, and retrosternal pain accompanied by a sharp drop in blood pressure, or even sudden cardiac arrest or ventricular fibrillation.  ”New” breathing key: keep indoor air circulation.

Open the window in the morning to change into fresh air.

Burning charcoal fire or coal fire in the bedroom, especially when there is a lack of exhaust pipe, is very unfavorable for the elderly with pulmonary heart disease and should be avoided as much as possible.

  The life of the elderly with pulmonary heart disease should be regular.

Get up a few times a day, sleep a few times, when to eat, when to slumber, when to go out for a walk, there must be regular.

It is best to take a nap at noon.

  If the elderly have to smoke completely to quit smoking, and even do not talk with smokers, play chess, play cards, etc., passive smoking is equally harmful to the elderly with pulmonary heart disease.

Have a cough in time to keep the airway clean.

  If your parents don’t sleep well at night, don’t use sleeping pills, which may inhibit breathing and cause it to happen.

  Pulmonary heart disease complicated with lower respiratory tract infections are often very atypical, sometimes only manifested as increased impotence, increased sputum volume or increased color of sputum.

This should go to the hospital in time, and don’t delay.

  Conditional home oxygen therapy is available, which has the potential to replace hypoxia, improve quality of life and prolong life.

If there is a lack of oxygen, such as breathlessness, lips and purple, you should immediately send it to the hospital for treatment.

  Pulmonary sputum “killer” 5 bronchial asthma (acute) expert analysis: surgery is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airway, is a chronic disease that causes long-term pain, mostly at night or early morning.

May accidentally come into contact with pollen, mold, dust, animal skin, absorb irritating gases, or start with just a cold, rhinitis, resulting in irritability, shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, and even suffocation, but also can hear “snoring in the throat”””sound.

  ”New” breathing key points: diet conditioning, should give moms and mothers some light food, eat less irritating foods and allergens such as peppers, seafood, silkworm cocoons.

  The items in the room that are allergic to fitness should not be carpeted, not cast, no old bedding, no down products, and the best way to clean the room when cleaning, don’t let the dust fly.

  From March to June, accompany my father and mother to the hospital for regular inspections, and timely feedback to the doctor.

To go to the hospital to see a doctor, you must tell the doctor to have a history of rehabilitation and avoid using drugs that induce intervention.

  If you have an acute attack and take it at bedtime, you can better prevent an acute attack at night.

  If you have an acute attack, it is best to let the old man sit up and lean forward slightly against the elbow or arm so that you can breathe a lot of fresh air.

  And the wrong cold knows goodbye in the winter, the father and mother’s cold seems to be “home-cooked”, thus, we may slowly become “no strange”, but the cold seems to be ordinary, but hidden “killing”Those respiratory diseases that are entangled with my father and mother have a lot to do with this little cold.

Therefore, Mom and Dad must have a good winter season, and must not have such a misconception.

  Remove 1 and catch an antibiotic.

  Generally 80%-90% of the common colds are viruses, antibiotic treatment is actually ineffective, and the abuse of antibiotics leads to an increase in bacterial infections, and the drugs are becoming less effective for the body.

  Delete2 treatment of colds will be better with traditional sweating methods.

  However, at the same time, it does not necessarily eliminate the disease. If there is too much sweat, it is easy to dehydrate, and it will aggravate the condition or cause complications due to electrolyte imbalance. It will inevitably worsen the snow and more easily induce various diseases.

  Delete3 has a fever and immediately takes antipyretics.

  When the body temperature is lower than 38.

At 5 months, you don’t have to use antipyretics, just drink plenty of water or rub the body with alcohol.

If the body temperature is too high, you can use aspirin to reduce fever.

However, allergies are used with caution and long-term use can damage the liver.

  Delete4 pilots are not sent, you can not take medicine.

  Surgery is one of the recognized diseases in the international medical community that requires lifelong medication. It must be reduced under the guidance of a doctor, but it cannot be stopped without authorization.

  Cardiopulmonary conditioning food mobilization sick fathers and mothers will reduce eating due to difficulty breathing, tissue hypoxia caused by nutrient absorption disorders, forced breathing caused by excessive energy consumption and increased catabolism in the body, causing malnutrition orNutritional depletion, so nutritional support is especially important for them.

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein, low-fat diets, as well as vitamin and cellulose supplements are also important.

  Add enough energy: Eat more foods that increase heat supply, proper traces, protein and protein, including meat, eggs, fish and soy products.

  Nutritional balance is very important: no partial eclipse picky, to ensure that the body can fully intake potassium, iron, sodium and other minerals.

  Improve respiratory resistance: Eat more vitamin A, B2, C, E and calcium-rich foods. There are many foods that can enhance the body’s resistance.

  Supplement lung food file 1.Vitamin A has lung function and protects the function of tracheal epithelial cells, such as egg yolk, carrot, apricot, and pumpkin animal liver (use caution for blood cholesterol increase).


Vitamin B2 can increase the body’s resistance to cold, and it is often found in the liver, eggs, and milk of animals.


Foods that consume at least 300 millimoles of vitamin C per day reduce the incidence of insulin and bronchitis by 30%.


Calcium can enhance tracheal anti-allergic ability, such as pork bone, soy products, sesame, red dates, celery leaves, grapefruit, citrus and so on.


Tremella contains 17 kinds of essential compounds, especially the acidic isoprene in it, which can enhance the body’s immune function and has obvious curative effect on bronchitis and lung infection.


Lily has a calming and antitussive effect and is suitable for patients with complications such as bronchitis, emphysema, and tuberculosis hemoptysis.


In addition to rich in sugar, traces, protein, phosphorus, carotene and vitamin C, garlic also contains important substances such as allicin, which inhibits the virus and inhibits the growth of vitamins.


Onions contain metabolic anti-inflammatory activity.

The onion also contains allicin, which has strong antibacterial sterilization ability and has obvious effects on the complications of respiratory system and digestive system diseases.


Luo Han Guo has clearing heat and cooling blood, relieving phlegm and relieving cough, and moistening the lungs.


Nuts, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, melon seeds, lotus seeds, and ginkgo are all called selenium.

Selenium promotes metabolism, strengthens immunity, and prevents respiratory infections.


The quercetin contained in hawthorn has the ability to dilate the trachea, promote tracheal ciliary movement, and relieve phlegm and blood stasis.