[Can juice be added to milk powder]_milk powder, _ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

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[Can juice be added to milk powder]_milk powder, _ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

While the baby is growing up, although breast milk is the best ration, mothers have to give the baby milk for various reasons, but this often happens in daily life. The baby does not drink milk properly. ParentsWe will add other things to the milk powder to make it possible for the baby. In fact, this approach is very wrong. It is best not to add juice or other things to the baby’s milk powder.

Can I add fruit juice to milk powder?

better not.

Because most fruit juices, such as orange juice and lemon juice, are high-fruit-acid beverages, and fruit acids encounter protein in milk powder, it will decompose the protein, thereby reducing the nutritional value of the protein.

Attention method for baby drinking juice 1. Drink freshly squeezed juice directly to the baby. Many mothers directly squeeze the fruit and quote it to the baby. They think that the flavor is strong and fresh enough, but it may easily cause diarrhea or constipation.

When drinking juice for your baby, it is recommended to use 1: 2 or even 1: 3 to reduce the ratio of juice and water. If the baby does not have obvious changes in stool after drinking the juice, you can gradually change from light to thick, and replace 1: 1.Or 2: 1.

In addition, the degree of replacement varies for different types of fruit.

For example, the watermelon itself has sufficient water, and the replacement ratio can be reduced.

And apples, pears, peaches and other rich fruits can be replaced according to the general ratio.

For citrus fruits, the probability of causing allergies is relatively high and the acidity is relatively high, so the replacement ratio should also be higher.

2. Replace fruit with fruit juice Some mothers may find it more convenient to add solid fruit and liquid fruit juice. They believe that freshly squeezed fruit juice is equal to fruit, and drinking fruit juice is safer than eating fruit. Do n’t worry about your baby being choked, so mothers simplyJust use fruit juice instead of fruit.

In fact, this is incorrect.

Freshly squeezed juice can preserve most of the vitamins in fruits, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, as well as mineral potassium and soluble supplementary fiber, but most of the supplementary fiber and some calcium, magnesium and other minerals are still retained in the fruit residueAmong them, it cannot be “drank” by the baby.

And often drinking fruit juice without fruit is not conducive to the baby’s ability to chew.

Therefore, even freshly squeezed fruit juice cannot replace fruit.

In addition, sometimes mothers will choose some seasonal fruit juices for their babies.

For example, in a certain season, there is no fruit under normal circumstances, but because the baby likes it, the mothers use the off-season fruit to squeeze the juice for the baby.

If parents are DIY fruit juice, they do not need to deliberately take the vitamin content as the criterion for fruit selection. For the baby, fresh seasonal fruit is the best choice.

Mother may wish to give the baby the solid residue after the juice.

3. Use fruit drinks instead of fruit juices. There will now be a variety of “fresh fruit supplement” fruit drinks on the market. Its name is 100% pure fruit juice.

Therefore, moms sometimes have to be lazy and use the so-called “pure fruit juice” bought on the market instead of freshly squeezed fruit juice for their babies.

Moms need to know that, in general, the original juice content of fruit juice drinks is only 10% -20%. The other main ingredients are water, sugar, organic acids, fruit flavors, various pigments, and even moms do n’t knowFood additives.

In addition to the bright colors and attractive taste of fruit juice drinks, its nutritional content is far less than its own freshly squeezed fruit juice, and it is better to let the baby directly eat seasonal fresh fruits.

In addition, fruit drinks contain too much sugar, which can also cause symptoms such as dental caries, obesity, malnutrition or vitamin deficiency.

Therefore, experts recommend that babies under the age of 2 do not mix in any fruit drinks with artificial additives.

Another situation is that mothers sometimes use boiled fruit juice instead of freshly squeezed fruit juice to sleep for their babies, and feel that their babies will not drink their stomachs too cold.

However, since the fruits are heated to high temperatures, nutrients such as vitamin C have been basically destroyed, and the nutritional value will be greatly discounted. Therefore, the nutrition of boiled fruit water is much lower than that of freshly squeezed fruit juice.