[Why do n’t ginseng use an aluminum pan]_ Why do n’t you use an aluminum pan to cook _ yellow ginseng _ reasons

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[Why do n’t ginseng use an aluminum pan]_ Why do n’t you use an aluminum pan to cook _ yellow ginseng _ reasons

Many people know that ginseng cannot be cast using aluminum pans, but never thought of why.

The chloride ion in the aluminum pan and the ingredients of the traditional Chinese medicine form a gelatinous precipitate. This will directly affect the efficacy and effect of ginseng, and the chloride ion will damage the human nervous system. Therefore, it is not suitable to use boiled things.For aluminum utensils, the aluminum ions in the aluminum pan will form a gelatinous precipitate with the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, which affects the efficacy of the medicine; aluminum ions are easily decomposed in high temperature environments, plus the acid and alkali effects of traditional Chinese medicine, a large number ofAluminum ions can damage the nervous system and cause dementia.

Some people may ask, isn’t the knife for cutting Chinese medicine iron?

Do you need a knife to cut ginseng?

Some traditional Chinese medicine how to use Shouwu to prepare slices is also cut with bamboo slices. When it is cooked, it must be cooked in a casserole container.

Cutting ginseng with a stainless steel knife is possible, because it is not steamed at high temperature and does not have that much effect.

But wares containing ginseng food are easy to use ceramics.

If possible, a bamboo knife is recommended.

We all know that the metal chemicals of iron and copper are relatively constant. During the high-temperature cooking process, some copper ions and iron ions may occur, and the chain promotes many complex chemical reactions.

For example, using a wok to fry Chinese medicine, it is easy to react with rhubarb, polygonum multiflorum, ground elm, gallicia, paeonia lactiflora, and other sulphur compounds, other ingredients and other chemical ingredients, water’s “basic iron” and other harmful ingredients,The traditional Chinese medicine decoction becomes black and green, and the medicine taste is astringent and fishy.

On the other hand, it changes the liquid taste and reduces the benefit; on the other hand, it causes nausea, nausea, and vomiting.

Even if there is another copper pot decoction.

Because a small amount of copper ions are easily mixed with some traditional Chinese medicines and cause chemical changes, they produce “patina” that is harmful to the human body, and chemical changes with certain ingredients in the medicine are harmful to human health.