[Does hysterectomy have an impact on sex life?]

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[Does hysterectomy have an impact on sex life?]

The uterus is an important organ in the female body, and uterine removal is mainly to treat some gynecological diseases.

The question that many women are more worried about is whether hysterectomy has an impact on sex.

Under normal circumstances, hysterectomy has a slight impact on sexual life, so pay attention to nursing.


The maintenance of female sexual characteristics depends on the female hormones produced by the gonad-ovary, retaining the ovaries, and still maintaining the normal physiological characteristics of women.

Although some studies have shown that ovarian function will be affected to some extent after hysterectomy, and patients will have some menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, sweating, irritability, vaginal dryness, etc., at this time under the guidance of a doctor, use hormone replacement or smear courtshipDrug treatments such as vegetarian fish stew oil ointment are also conducive to harmonious sex life.

At the same time as estrogen supplementation treatment, appropriate sedation and antidepressant drugs can promote the stabilization of mood and the elimination of clinical symptoms.


During operation and taking measures to try to ensure the quality of female sexual life after hysterectomy.

For example, try to keep the length of the vagina as much as possible during the operation. Carefully treat the stump of the vagina. Do not take a bath for 6 weeks and forbid sex for 3 months to allow the vaginal wound to heal and avoid vaginal granulation.


After the hysterectomy, the husband should be more caring, considerate, and caring for his wife in daily life and housework, so as to eliminate his wife’s correction, worry, and anxiety, so that she can understand her husband’s love and feel warm. This symptom restores harmony and harmony.Sex life is important.