[Informal condom in English]_ cause _ cause

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[Informal condom in English]_ cause _ cause

Many people are not particularly familiar with contraceptives. This is a new type of contraceptives. It is a new type of protease safety drug based on the aqueous solution and imitating the secretion of the human body. Its characteristics are notIt contains oil, does not contain some spices and alcohol, and can better protect the human body.

When using condoms in your normal sexual life, you should understand some precautions and understand the role of condoms.

The English name of the conservative condom is “a new type of injection compressor condom that is based on an aqueous solution and mimics the human body’s natural secretions. It is a new type of additive (free from oils, fragrances and alcohol, mild and not sticky)”.

Condom effect 1) Reduction of sensitization Using a unique process for material improvement, the content of latex protein in the condom is reduced, which can avoid the occurrence of allergies.

2) Use condom syringes to prevent gynecological diseases. Use pure plant-extracted essential oil instead of traditional silicone oil to prevent the greasy feeling and long-term use of silicone oil from causing potential harm to the male and female reproductive system without any toxic and side effects to the human body;The essential oils extracted by a variety of plants are used to replace the nutritional components required by the female reproductive system.

The female vagina is the most sensitive part of the entire reproductive system, and its ability to absorb nutrients is also the strongest in the entire reproductive system.

In the process of sexual life, these nutrients effectively penetrate into the tissue cells of the reproductive system, and nutrition activates each cell, which can achieve various functions such as improving vaginal dryness, preventing gynecological diseases, and enhancing sexual pleasure.

3) Tightening the vagina is mainly aimed at postpartum women’s vaginal dilation, which is difficult to restore the prenatal tightness. This series of products uses several natural plant essential oils that contain vaginal skin, plus a four-dimensional special essential oil, carefully formulated and formulatedIt becomes a hydrophilic polycarbonate instead of the commonly used silicone oil lubricant. Long-term use can achieve the effect of tightening the vagina, so that you get different enjoyment during sex.

4) Altruic new coaxial chromatography condoms incorporate carefully matched pure natural plant extracts into the inner and outer membranes. The pure natural plant extracts have transdermal absorption molecules that promote nerve signal interference and promote transdermal absorption molecules.The effective slow release during use can quickly penetrate the skin and enter the human body, slowing down the transmission of male sexual excitatory nerve signals, thereby extending the sexual life of men.