[How to eat leek with good milk effect]_How to eat milk_How to make

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[How to eat leek with good milk effect]_How to eat milk_How to make

After being absorbed, this food will have a certain effect of returning milk, so if you do n’t have excess milk during breastfeeding, you need to adjust it in time to avoid malnutrition of your baby and eat it.After finishing the leek, you will feel that your milk has become a lot of surplus, it is best to stir-fry the leek, so that you will not avoid any loss of nutrients again.


Treatment of chest paralysis, pain in the heart, such as cone thorns, do not pitch, spontaneous sweating or pain on the back, die or die: five pounds (wash) of leek or root, pounding juice.

Indoctrination, that is, vomiting blood in the chest.

(“Meng Yifang”) 2.

Governance of Yang deficiency, coldness of the Yang Road, or cold pain in the waist and knees, nocturnal emission of dreams: Leek white eight two, walnut meat (peeled) two or two.

Stir-fried with sesame oil, eclipse and serve for one month.

(“Fang Mai Authentic”) 3.

Governing stomach: two or two leek juice, one milk.

Ginger and half with ginger juice and mix well.

Warm service.

(“Danxi Heart Law”) 4.

Laryngeal swelling can not be eaten: leek, stir it thin, cold is easy.

(“Thousands of Gold”) 5.

For vomiting blood, saliva, vomiting blood, bleed blood, lymph fluid, hematuria and all blood certificates: leek ten pounds, pounding juice, raw huanghuang five pounds (chopped) soaked in leek juice, dried in the hot sun, raw yellow and black rotJuice is dry; enter the stone mortar and pound it a few times, such as rotten cream without residue, as pills, large marbles.

Take two pills each morning and night, and turn down the white radish decoction.

(“Fang Mai Authentic”) 6.

Blood stasis in the lower intestine: leek cold drink, very good.

(Zhu Zhenheng) 7.

Treatment of allergic purpura: a pound of fresh leek, washed, smashed mash, add 50 ml of healthy children’s urine.

One dose per day, divided into two servings.

“Selected Materials of Fujian Province’s New Chinese Herbal Medicine Law” 8.

Zhishuigu 痢: Leek for 羹 congee, stir-fry.

Let it be.

(“Food Doctor Heart Mirror”) 9.

Cure thirst-quenching and drinking excessively: leeks eat three or two a day.

Stir-fry or stir-fry without salt, but eat ten pounds.

Do not eat after Qingming.

(“Politics and Materia Medica”) 10.

Treatment of hemorrhoids: Leek is not much, first heat the soup, use the pot to hold the soup inside, cover the pot with utensils, leave a tip, but soak the leek in the soup, use the Gudao sit to make the steam fumigation;Wait for warm, gently wash the sores several times with leek.

(“Pocket Fang”) 11.

Postpartum hemorrhage: Leek (cut) into the bottle, inject hot vinegar, the bottle mouth to the nose.

(Women’s Recipe)