[Do you eat tomatoes to lower blood sugar]_Tomatoes_Lower blood sugar_Effects

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[Do you eat tomatoes to lower blood sugar]_Tomatoes_Lower blood sugar_Effects

Tomatoes are very common food. Eating more tomatoes is good, for example, it can protect the liver, blood vessels, and prevent high blood pressure. According to experts, tomatoes are rich in nutrients, but the sugar content is very low, so eat tomatoesWith the effect of lowering blood sugar, people with high blood sugar can eat tomatoes correctly.

First, eat tomatoes to lower blood sugar?

People with diabetes can eat tomatoes, but to control the amount of tomatoes, it is best to eat between meals.

People with diabetes eat tomatoes very well. The sugar content of tomatoes is not high, and tomatoes also suffer from VC and lycopene. Tomatoes for people with diabetes can improve the body’s immune function and prevent diabetes.Benefits.

Is n’t it better to eat small tomatoes?

The nutritional content of small and large tomatoes has indeed improved. The vitamin content of small tomatoes is relatively high, and the sugar content is slightly higher than that of large tomatoes, but the sugar content is less than 5%.

Therefore, compared with other fruits, small tomatoes are still relatively low in sugar, and they are still suitable for people with diabetes.

Can people with diabetic nephropathy eat tomatoes?

Eating tomatoes has little effect on patients with diabetic nephropathy.

However, patients should be reminded that it is best to eat tomatoes at 9-10 am or 3-4 pm before going to bed at night.

Severe renal failure should also limit water intake.

Second, can eating tomato juice lower blood sugar? Yes, there are vitamins available in tomatoes, and the lycopene contained in them is likely to the human body.

Oxidized vitamins and provitamin A in carrots.

The taste of carrots alone is not very good. If the sauce is fried with tomatoes, the two can synthesize the taste with each other, and the conversion taste is softer. It is recommended to add a little sugar to adjust the taste.

Third, what is the role of tomatoes?

1. Lipid-lowering and hypotensive effects: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins A and C, and their acidity is caused by citric acid and malic acid. Oral tomato pectin can reduce cholesterol in the serum and liver of cholesterol-feeding rats.the amount.
Tomato juice reduces high blood pressure and smooth muscle excitement.

2. Anti-inflammatory effect: Tomatine has obvious anti-inflammatory effect in animal experiments.

Intramuscular injection of 1-10mg / kg or 15-30mg / kg to rats can significantly alleviate toe edema caused by carrageen, and the effect is more pronounced when the adrenal glands are corrected.

Subcutaneous injection of 5-10mg / kg for 7 days can inhibit the formation of granulation tissue.

Subcutaneous injection of 10 mg / kg in mice can reduce capillary permeability.

3. Anti-flour effect: Tomatine has anti-flour effect.

Can inhibit certain particle sizes that are pathogenic to plants or humans; but have very poor efficacy against bacteria.

Its antibacterial principle may be the formation of a sterol complex in the cell membrane of the retina.

Its plasma element (tomatomine) has a poor effect.

The lycopene originally proposed from tomatoes was mixed with rutin, especially the phytohormone; carotene could insert the antibacterial effect of lycopene, so that the antifungal effect of lycopene was not strong.