Sleep well, feel good, use hard pillows

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Sleep well, feel good, use hard pillows

Director Guo said that most patients with snoring know that it is not good to sleep soft pillows. It is easy to lean back and lie down. The natural curvature of the neck and head occurs, which makes the throat muscles excessively stressed, thus increasing the degree of snoring.

  So a large number of patients with snoring eyes put their eyes on the harder pillows, especially now that the weather is hot, like jade pillows, bolsters, and some health pillows, which are the preferred pillows for many people in summer.

These pillows do have a certain health effect, but those who fight should consider more when choosing.

  Because the hardness of the pillow is poor, the pillow is not easy to deform, the pillow will make the neck nest, the angle of the respiratory tract will change, the breathing will not be smooth, and the degree of snoring will be aggravated.

  Therefore, for snoring people, choose soft and moderate pillows, such as buckwheat husk pillows.

If you are used to sleeping on a hard pillow, people who like to sit on their backs will make a fist in the mouth of the tiger when they choose a pillow. The height of the pillow is equal to the height of a vertical punch.

  People who are always used to sleeping on their side should choose according to their front width, so that the height of the pillow is equal to the width of the vertical arrangement.

  At the same time, it should be noted that the snoring person chooses a pillow with too strong elasticity, such as a spring pillow, an air pillow, etc., so that the front is constantly subjected to an external elastic force, which is prone to muscle fatigue and damage, and also increases the degree of snoring.