[Why is linseed oil bitter?

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】 _Bitterness_Cause

[Why is linseed oil bitter?
】 _Bitterness_Cause

There are many types of oil that people may eat in life. Sometimes soybean oil is more commonly used. In addition, salad oil, sesame oil, etc. are more common.

Without them, I’m afraid we won’t eat so many delicious foods in our daily lives, especially some stir-fried vegetables, without oil.

So, why does flaxseed oil feel bitter?

Perhaps you can often see this answer on the Internet: Flaxseed oil has a bitter taste, but it has a good fire and dehumidification, which fully reflects the natural, full-nutritional characteristics of flaxseed oil, so the taste is slightly bitternormal phenomenon.

Is this really the case?

In fact, it is completely different. The processing of cold-pressed linseed oil needs to go through from a broad perspective: the three major processes of selecting materials, pressing, and storing.

Material selection: This step is the most basic and extremely important. Only good raw materials can be used to squeeze out good oil.

Friends who have eaten flaxseed may have such experience. When they eat the new flaxseed that year, they will feel very delicious and very oily.

As if we usually eat a broken melon seed, the shell looks good, but the kernel inside is already broken, and I think you understand something.

Pressing: At present, the popular flaxseed oil pressing methods at home and abroad include leaching and cold pressing.

The extraction process of the leaching method has been repeated many times in my article. The advantage is that the oil extraction rate is high. The disadvantage: the raw material is separated by gasoline soaking.

Hunan Satellite TV’s “Encyclopedia” has been introduced in detail.

The cold pressing method is the most popular one. It has the disadvantages of low oil yield and advantages: it completely retains the nutrition of the corn kernels, and the oil temperature needs to be controlled during the pressing process.

Wohe mud cold-pressed hemp seed oil is used in this process!

The exquisite pressing process controls the temperature below 40 degrees.

Storage: In my previous article, temperature, air, and sunlight all have an effect on linseed oil. These three categories are classified, of which sunlight exposure has the most severe effect on linseed oil.

Therefore, when storing flaxseed oil, be sure to keep it refrigerated and never put it indoors. Therefore, the bitterness of flaxseed oil appears in most oils purchased from supermarkets.

There is really no way to refrigerate and consider placing it in a cool place.

From the previous content, I think you have been able to understand some of the reasons for the bitterness of flaxseed oil. In order to let you understand more deeply, here is a further explanation!

If not refrigerated, but stored for too long.

For a certain period of more than three months, although the shelf life indicated by cold-pressed corn kernels has not been exceeded, bitterness may also occur. Each bottle of oil is marked with storage conditions at the factory, and under the storage conditions marked by the merchant, the shelf lifeWill be produced, otherwise the shelf life is for reference only.