[Can I drink milk in the interim period]_Danger_Bad

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[Can I drink milk in the interim period]_Danger_Bad

In our life, many Bao mothers buy milk powder for their babies, and they buy a lot when they are on promotion, because the price of milk powder will be especially cheap, but sometimes the milk powder may not be finished, which will cause the milk powder to expire soon.And if you ca n’t finish drinking, there are some treasure moms who are afraid that drinking the powdered milk will not be good for the baby, and they will not give it to the baby. This will cause waste, so can you drink the powdered milk?

Causes of pediatric diarrhea: 1. Infectious factors are often caused by food or utensils being contaminated by bacteria and viruses. Some indirect external infections, such as pediatric respiratory infections, otitis media, pneumonia, and sepsis often occur at the same time.

2. Insufficient diets Infants and young children have insufficiently developed digestive system functions and low levels of digestive enzymes. Therefore, diarrhea can occur if you eat too much or eat indigestible foods, or if there are too many short-term dietary changes.

In addition, eating too little can also cause neonatal diarrhea.

3, cold, excessive, emotional tension, excessive fatigue recovery, digestive enzyme secretion reduction or increased bowel movements cause diarrhea.

If the baby has been drinking milk, it is recommended to continue to drink milk to supplement nutrition.

At the same time, give the baby Ding Guier’s umbilical sticker, and massage the baby at the same time, use the palm to massage the baby counterclockwise 50 times around the umbilical cord to slow down bowel movements and relieve diarrhea.

Diarrhea milk powder, commonly known as “allergy-free milk powder” or “antidiarrheal milk powder”, is a special type of infant formula suitable for a small number of infants who are allergic to milk protein or lactose and who have developed intolerance due to intolerance.

It mainly replaces lactose in ordinary milk powder with maltosperm or glucose polymer, and also adjusts the protein. Because these milk powders are no different in nutrition from other baby milk powders, it is a special situation that can be safely eaten during infant diarrhea.Formula.

The baby milk powder you choose may contain allergens that are allergic to your baby. Long-term feeding of special milk powder doctors is not recommended. You can try feeding your baby with goat milk powder. Allergens for goat milk powder are allowed, but the price is a little more expensive.
I am also allergic to fresh milk. After drinking, my stomach hurts so much that I can only drink skim milk.

If it is caused by eating milk powder, you can consider changing the brand of milk powder to try.

If it doesn’t work, you can have some porridge and rice soup.

As long as your baby can eat porridge and rice soup, you can feed it, then you can stop feeding milk so that you don’t have to worry about it.

There are special baby diarrhea formulas on the market.

You can change this and try.

In fact, to tell the truth, your baby still eats breast milk. There is a substance in breast milk that can treat diarrhea, and it is nutritious and safe. Do n’t worry about anything.

You cannot drink diarrhea milk powder for a long time.

Diarrhea milk powder can be eaten and taken. After not having diarrhea, gradually add ordinary milk powder. Long-term drinking can lead to malnutrition of the baby.

For diarrhea milk powder, make sure the baby has diarrhea caused by intolerance to milk protein or lactose before eating.

When diarrhea, you can directly stop the original formula and replace it with diarrhea.

After the diarrhea improves, you need to change the milk by adding formula gradually.