[Spicy Origin]_Development_Making

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[Spicy Origin]_Development_Making

Mala Tang has been available since a very young age, especially in Sichuan.

However, at the beginning, it was popular to cook and eat with a string of skewers. Later, it was changed to use the weight scale.

The spicy word is also very popular now. The spicy and non-spicy spicy food does not have any appetite, so if you want to develop the spicy food in the future, you must make it spicy and delicious, even delicious.

Mala Tang originated in Sichuan, but it is necessary to understand who created the snack Mala Tang.

After all, we are practitioners of spicy food, and we are in the birthplace of spicy food. If we are confused and even the founder forgets, how can we still be qualified to make spicy food?

Here we will tell a story based on our understanding of Mala Tang.

First, the founder of Mala Tang: Twenty years ago, Niu Huazhen appeared an old man who was carrying a burden on the streets. His surname was Hu, and Mr. Hu was the founder of Mala Tang. He created this today.Popular Sichuan-style snacks.

Specifically, his motive for creating Mala Tang has not been able to be examined. After all, this person has been dead for many years, but what he brings to us is a good memory. Perhaps he did not expect that Mala Tang in the Spirit of Heaven will bring a blessing to the people in many parts of the country.
Second, the early days of hot and spicy: At that time, our children were still in elementary school. They often clamored and asked us what we want to spend pocket money on, and we did n’t know what it was. Later, we followed the child to see what he ate.What, we know that there is such a snack.

At that time, it was not called Mala Tang, it was called Chuan Chuan Xiang.

Mala Tang is still called Chengdu Chuan Chuan Xiang at that time.

The initial Mala Tang is very simple. Boil some broth and blanch the vegetables with salt, chili noodles, pepper noodles, and MSG. The food is very similar to the bowls of Mala Tang that are popular in Jiangnan.

Third, the development of Mala Tang: Seventeen years ago, Mala said farewell to the burdensome operation of the streets and alleys and began to enter the distance from the store operation.

At that time, there were very few hot and spicy shops. After all, the idea of doing business in that era was not easy to be accepted by the local people. Too many early shoppers have left the industry or went to Chengdu to develop in large cities.Mala Tang started the colony.

Then a lot of people started this business, leading to fierce competition, so that some stores could not continue to go to the central district of Leshan City for development, the founder of Mala Tang quit the trip at the same time.

At that time, we were constantly exploring and innovating spicy technology to meet the needs of our customers and make our business better.

The better advantage is that our Sichuan is rich in ingredients. As long as you have rich dining experience, it is not difficult to make delicious Sichuan-style snacks.

Therefore, many restaurants in Niuhua Town have made their own contributions to the development of Mala Tang. Niu Hua Mala can be developed to this day and even the whole country is not a single person. Many people have dedicated their efforts to the development of Mala Tang.Whimsical.