[The most comfortable sexual position]_How to do_How to do

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[The most comfortable sexual position]_How to do_How to do

Sex is actually one of the most basic needs of people.

Some experts have found that proper sex can also release people’s stress and ease conflicts between men and women.

But everyone knows that men and women have very different needs and methods for sex.

So, do you know what kind of sexual position is most comfortable for both parties?

If you do n’t understand, let ‘s introduce it to everyone.

These 6 kinds of papapa poses are most comfortable1. The male is superior to the male, as the name implies, the position of the male above is opposite to the female superior.

In ancient China, it was called dragon turning, and in Japan it was called normal position. It is the most common position in sexual intercourse.

The West is often called the missionary position, calling out the nineteenth century. At that time, Christian missionaries believed that the male position was the most natural and most suitable posture for sexual intercourse. These missionaries also advised believers in other countries.Sexual behavior is similar to the mating of other animals, hence the name.

The upper man requires the woman to lie flat, with the legs separated and bent. The man lays down and introduces the penis into the woman’s vagina. The woman can place his feet around the man’s buttocks, or the hips or the man’s belly.depth.

Men can lie directly on women’s bodies, or support their bodies with their hands and elbows, or take a kneeling position.

With this position, men can have a full view of women’s bodies, and can also use the free hand to touch women’s bodies.

2, female superior female superior is a basic sexual intercourse position, the frequency of use of sexual intercourse is second only to the male superior position.

The universal application of female superiors is related to the rationality of sexual physiology.

Female superiority is characterized by males being passive and females being active, adding new meaning to sex life.

In addition, males are uncomfortable, obese or want to reduce their physical exertion.

When the female is in the upper position, the male has a special feeling, that is, the active to passive experience. He is experiencing the feeling of being trapped instead of inserted. When the female can fully grasp this posture, she moves the position up and down repeatedly to make the penisWhen the detachment is inserted into the vagina, it is like the movement of a pump, so some books metaphorically describe the female as “piston movement”.

Women can control the depth of the insertion and the frequency of the piston movement at will, so they are loved by women.

3, male and female sit-to-seat position, that is, the two men sit opposite each other, and the woman wraps her feet around the man’s waist.

This position can effectively stretch the calf muscles.

Because both parties must maintain a stable sitting position and have a certain degree of strength to complete sexual movements, they have higher requirements for multiple muscle groups in the body.

Indian sexologist Dr. Pushkar Gupta said that this position is more demanding than male superiors and exercises better.

Note: The hip muscles are weak, it is best not to choose this position, otherwise it will easily strain the muscles.

4, the front-end wall-to-wall prefabricated sexual intercourse can enhance pleasure, this position can effectively exercise the quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and waist muscles.

The man’s body leans forward slightly, and the woman can flex appropriately next to each other.

Dr. Gupta said that the initial sexual intercourse against the wall has higher physical requirements on both sides.

In addition, to maintain a certain height and angle, both thighs and leg muscles will be stretched.

In addition, when this position is implemented, the man can completely hug the woman, and the consumption and conversion in passion will be more.

5. Leg-raising and shoulder-lifting The so-called “leg-carrying posture” means that the woman raises her legs on the shoulders of the man.

This position can greatly stimulate the man’s fighting power, but also can stretch the woman’s leg muscles and exercise the abdominal muscles.

Dr. Gage said that this position is ideal for aerobic exercise, equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise in the gym.

6, in addition to the regular crouching posture, sitting, bending and crouching can extend the foreplay time.

This has cardiovascular advantages over gym exercise.

Because this posture requires a lot of bending and posture movements, it can polar spine muscles and thigh muscles exercise.

Sitting or bending can exercise the abdominal muscles, making the body more even.

Note: This position should not be selected when there is pain in the waist, otherwise discomfort will be aggravated.