[How to drink too much urine while drinking tea]

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[How to drink too much urine while drinking tea]

There is no doubt that drinking tea is a very good thing for the human body, so people should cultivate a good habit of drinking tea regularly when they are old.

Moreover, it has tea ammonia in the tea, and the catecholamine has a very obvious effect on anti-oxidation and lowering blood pressure in humans.

However, there are still some people who find that they have symptoms of discomfort after drinking tea, and some people find that what happens after drinking tea and urinate?

Four benefits of drinking tea1 Blood pressure reduction studies have shown that people who do not drink tea have an incidence of hypertension of about 10.

55% of people who drink tea often have an incidence of less than 7%. Although the numerical difference between them is not very large, it also proves that drinking tea can lower blood pressure.

2 Detox Tea polyphenols in anti-aging tea can remove oxygen free radicals inside the body, improve the body flora, reduce body fat formation, and have an excellent effect on resisting aging.

Multiple studies show that half an hour after drinking tea, the blood’s antioxidant capacity is enhanced by 41%?
48%, which is of great significance for oxidative retardation of debilitating old age.

3 Improving immunity People who drink tea are less likely to get sick. Studies have shown that people who drink tea will produce a large amount of antiviral interferon in the body, which is 10 times as much as people who do not drink tea. This interferon can effectively improveThe human immune system resists disease.

4 Anti-cancer tea is rich in chlorophyll, β-carotene and other nutrients, which has excellent anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects. Regular drinking can greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

Everything has two sides. The so-called things must be reversed, especially drinking tea, and drinking tea improperly is also to prevent harm to health.

Drinking tea like this hurts the kidneys!

Kidney protection should take more water. Drinking tea can reduce the occurrence of kidney stones. I believe that many tea friends have heard of it, but the wrong way of drinking tea can not only protect the kidneys, but also hurt the kidneys.

1 Excessive drinking tea tea Excessive drinking tea with fluoride will damage the kidneys.

Because the kidney is the main excretory organ of fluorine, when the body’s excessive and excessive fluorine exceeds the kidney’s excretion capacity, it causes fluorine to accumulate in the body, and the kidney’s fluorine content increases significantly.

Experiments have shown that excess renal fluoride can cause damage to the renal cortex and medullary tubules in animals.

2 Drinking tea on an empty stomach Tea contains a large amount of caffeine, which has a great stimulating and exciting effect on the human body, which will accelerate heart rate and cause panic, and promote renal urination and increase the burden on the kidney. In severe cases, it will damage kidney function and affect the bodyHealthy, so remember not to drink tea on an empty stomach.

3 Drinking strong tea leaves produce oxalic acid. Frequent drinking of strong tea can cause high oxalate urine, and calcium oxalate stones are easily formed in the urinary tract, which can cause kidney stones.

And drinking too much tea, dialysis kidney too much urination, and increase the burden on the kidney and hurt the kidney.

Therefore, it is better to drink tea daily.

4 While drinking tea and drinking, some people think that drinking strong tea after drinking has a “hangover” effect, which is a misunderstanding.

Drinking tea alone will not hurt the kidneys, but if you have tea while drinking or sober up with strong tea, it may hurt the kidneys.

Because alcohol enters the liver, it is broken down into water and carbon dioxide by the action of enzymes and is excreted by the kidneys.

Theophylline has a diuretic effect. Theophylline contained in tea, acetaldehyde, which has not been decomposed, enters the kidneys prematurely.

And acetaldehyde has a great damaging effect on the kidneys and endangers kidney health.