The first cup of water in the morning is very important

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The first cup of water in the morning is very important

After a night of metabolism, the body needs to replenish water after getting up in the morning.

Especially for the elderly, because the elderly sleep at night, due to urination, sweating, breathing, the body is relatively lack of water, leading to blood concentration, slow blood flow, the body’s metabolites accumulate.

Drinking water after getting up can make the blood circulation normally, and it can prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Everyone knows how to drink water, but how is this first cup of water healthy?

  How is the first cup of water in the morning to drink the healthiest?

  Drinking water after getting up can replenish the water lost by metabolism in time.

However, there is a lot of different opinions about what water to drink.

Boiled water, honey water, light salt water, carbonated drinks. How is it best for the body?


Old people can’t drink light salt water. Although many health viewpoints think that drinking a cup of light salt water in the morning is good for health and has the effect of preventing constipation, there is no evidence-based medical data to prove that light salt water can treat constipation. On the contrary, there is obvious data to prove sodium intake.Excessive blood pressure rises and is harmful to the body.

In addition, what is meant by “light salt water” is not currently defined.

  The concentration of physiological saline is zero.

9%, the taste is very salty if the concentration is reduced to zero.

2%, that is, 1 gram of salt in 500 ml of water, people can accept it from the taste, but the World Health Organization recommends that adults eat 5 grams of salt per day, so that you can eat a cup of “light salt water” and eat it for one day./ 5 salt, eat other foods that day is likely to make the salt exceed the standard.

Therefore, from the control of salt intake, rather than suggesting that some people supplement the salt water, high blood pressure, kidney disease patients should be banned.

Especially for the elderly, it is not recommended to drink light salt water in the morning.


The most unacceptable experts in carbonated beverages say that drinking carbonated beverages from the elderly has not been advocated from a nutritional perspective.

First, the acidic substances and sugars in carbonated beverages soften the enamel and corrode the teeth causing tooth decay. The phosphate component affects the body’s absorption of calcium and causes osteoporosis over time.

In fact, the carbon dioxide in the carbonated beverage will inhibit the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. After a large amount of metabolism, it will feel bloating, which will affect the appetite, increase the burden of the metabolic tract and even cause gastric dysfunction and cause disease.

Third, carbonated beverages tend to have high sugar content, high blood pressure, high triglycerideemia, and are not suitable for diabetic patients.


Honey Water Ziyunying Honey The best honey is the body’s nourishing good. Natural honey is rich in a variety of amino acids, active enzymes, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking a cup of honey water in the morning is quite important for health.

Jujube honey, scented honey, sweet-scented osmanthus honey. There are many kinds of honey, and the nutritional value of different nectars is also different.

It is recommended that the two honeys are respectively Ziyunying Honey and Huanhua Honey, both of which contain higher active ingredients than other honeys, especially those of Ziyunying Honey.


Compared with the above-mentioned kinds of drinks, boiled water is the most common and convenient in life. Hong Zhongxin said that boiled water has no protein, impurities, traces and any impurities. It is the least “burden” of water, which can be absorbed by the body without digestion.The blood is quickly replaced and promotes blood circulation.

Drinking a cup of boiled water in the morning is the best choice. It can not only replenish the water needed for metabolism, but also reduce the viscosity of the blood and facilitate the discharge of urine.

  Can you drink overnight?

  Drinking water doesn’t have to be too dogmatic. “There is no scientific reason to drink water overnight.”

People know that overnight tea can’t be drunk, mainly related to microbial contamination.

Overnight tea is a microbe that breeds microorganisms. The amount of nitrite in the tea leaves will increase greatly after being placed overnight. However, even if the tap water is boiled for a day or two, the chance of being contaminated is negligible and can be replaced with confidence.

  For healthy people, it is not recommended to drink pure water. The tap water that is boiled is the best drink.

However, for some patients with special diseases such as kidney stones, renal insufficiency, diabetic patients are suitable for drinking pure water.

These patients often have hypercalcemia, hypermagnesemia, called more mineral supplements, often supplemented with purified water, which is good for health care and adjuvant treatment of diseases.

  The benefits of drinking water in the morning for the elderly are old people, and most of them will have dry skin, increased wrinkles, etc., so adding water is an important issue.

Scientific research proves that drinking water in the morning is most effective for the health care of the human body.

Drinking water to choose boiled water is good, drinking water is 200?400 ml, should not be too much, in order to avoid a lot of drinking water to dilute the gastric juice, affecting the appetite for breakfast.
  Drinking water at this time has the following benefits for good health: can diuretic morning water on an empty stomach, 15?
The effect of diuresis in 30 minutes, the effect is rapid and obvious.

Detoxification Intravenous protein and inorganic salts enter the body, and in the process of catabolism in the body, some toxic substances are produced, which are harmful to the body.

If you drink water in time after getting up in the morning, you can promote urination and defecation, and excrete toxins as soon as possible.

After protecting the heart for a night’s sleep, the body’s water will be lost through the urine, sweat and breathing, and the blood will become sticky and the blood volume will decrease.

  This makes it difficult for the coronary artery to supply blood to the heart, which can easily cause heart cramps, myocardial infarction and other consequences of insufficient blood supply to the heart.

Therefore, the occurrence of angina is mostly in the morning. If you can drink a glass of water in time after getting up in the morning, you can achieve the purpose of replenishing water, reducing blood viscosity and reducing the incidence of angina.

  Some old people like to drink the ice water in the refrigerator after getting up in the morning, and feel that this is the most refreshing.

In fact, drinking such water in the morning is untimely, because the perfusion has been drained at this time, too cold or too hot water will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach upset.

Drinking water in the morning, drinking the same boiled water as in the room, drinking warm water when it is cold, in order to minimize the stimulation of the body.

  Studies have found that boiled water cooled to 20-25 ° C after boiling has specific biological activity, it is easier to penetrate the cell membrane, and can promote metabolism and enhance the body’s immune function.

Anyone who is used to drinking warm water and cold water, has high activity of deoxygenase in the body, good metabolism, and reduced lactic acid accumulation in muscle tissue, which is not easy to feel tired.

Be sure to cover when you open the water the night before, because boiling water will lose its activity when exposed to the air for too long.

  A healthy person should drink at least 7-8 glasses of water (about 2.5 liters) a day. When the amount of exercise is high or the weather is hot, the amount of water should be increased accordingly.

Getting up early in the morning is a crucial moment for the body to replenish moisture, and then drinking 300 ml of water is best.

  Drinking water in the morning must be an empty stomach, that is, drinking water before eating breakfast, otherwise it will not receive the effect of promoting blood circulation and scouring the stomach.

It is best to drink water with small mouth and mouth, because the excessive speed of drinking water is very unfavorable to the body, which may cause blood pressure lowering and cerebral edema, leading to headache, nausea and vomiting.

  Tips: The best time for drinking water for the elderly is to have the best time for everything. Especially for the elderly, drinking water is no exception. The elderly must pay attention to the best time to drink, so that they can be healthier, so the oldest drink the most.When is the good time?

  After getting up in the morning: Be sure to drink water, because it is the key to the body’s movement in one day.

When the elderly sleep at night, due to urination, sweating, breathing, blood concentration in the body, slow blood flow, functional metabolites accumulated.

Drinking a glass of water after getting up can make the blood circulation normally, and it can prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure, cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

After drinking water, running and running completely recovered.

It is best to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink 450 ml of water at a slow rate. After drinking, do not sit still.

  Around 10 am: This is the most vigorous time of the body clock in the human body, and should be supplemented with 300 ml of water.

Around three in the afternoon: This is just the time for afternoon tea, drinking 400 ml.

Before going to bed: Drink 400 ml before going to bed. For the elderly or those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, drinking water before going to bed at night can prevent fatal infarction.

Too many elderly people are not used to drinking water before going to bed, afraid of getting up at night.

In fact, the elderly have atrophy of the bladder, the capacity is reduced, and it is necessary to start the night without drinking water.

In the middle of the night: 200 ml of drinking water, the elderly due to venous contraction, decreased urine at night, resulting in lack of water in the body, easy to make the blood thick, heart and brain blood flow penetration, easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Therefore, drinking water in the middle of the night is very important.

  Special moments of drinking water: After exercise: Although we are not athletes, the amount of exercise is not that big, but no matter what kind of exercise, unless you clean the room, you should drink water, so it is not easy to get tired, it is not easy to be sore.

  In an air-conditioned environment: it is especially necessary to replenish moisture.