Can you really eat it? You made up the mistake.

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Can you really eat it? You made up the mistake.

Introduction: It is often said that when eating tonic, “eat and supplement” is a tonic method that uses animal organs to adjust the body.

But can you really eat it?

Chinese medicine reminds you that you made up the mistake!

  Old people can’t make brains. Older friends often have different degrees of forgetfulness. Chinese medicine believes that this is mostly because the kidneys are gradually losing weight and cannot be honored in the brain.

According to the theory of “dirty to make up the dirty”, the pig brain can act as a tonic brain. Therefore, many elderly people are keen to “eat brain and brain.”

In fact, this is not true.

Pig brain is a high-cholesterol food, and the elderly often have different levels of high blood lipids, arteriosclerosis and other problems. Excessive consumption of high-cholesterol foods can aggravate the condition and even induce stroke and other diseases.

Therefore, elderly friends may wish to choose walnut, black sesame, fish and other foods instead of pig brain when supplementing the brain.

  Liver disease patients can not eat liver liver liver is the largest detoxification organ of humans and animals. The various toxins in animals are mainly treated by the liver. Most of the animals that are bought from the market have various toxins hidden in the liver.Impaired function, it is difficult to break down these toxins in time, which will increase the burden on the liver and affect the recovery of liver disease.

The liver is also an important immune organ and a “chemical processing plant” that produces a variety of hormones, antibodies and immune cells. The liver of the animal is also high in copper, and these liver disease patients may suffer after eating.

Therefore, patients with liver disease can not eat liver and liver, and daily diet should also eat less liver.

  Blood can nourish young and old, blood can be one of the most important substances to maintain the basic physiological activities of the human body.

Folks often use various animal blood to treat anemia or blood deficiency, which is a therapeutic method worth promoting.

Iron is an essential trace element in the body and is mainly found in hemoglobin.

Animal blood is rich in iron, and hemoglobin iron is easily absorbed by the body.

Black fungus, kelp, sesame, etc., although the iron content is also high, but the iron contained is non-heme iron, the absorption rate is more than 10%.

Compared with bovine blood and sheep blood, pig blood has the highest iron content, and the iron in every 100 grams of pig blood is 44.

9 mg is the best therapeutic food for patients with iron deficiency anemia.

In addition, the protein content in pig blood is also high, and the proportion of amino acids contained in the pig is also close to that of the human body. It is very easy to be used by the body, and is especially suitable for the elderly and children with weak digestive function.

  In addition, such as “eat heart and nourish the heart”, “eat kidney to kidney”, “eat lungs and lungs” and other claims, clinical practice has proved effective in some patients, but in specific use, it has to be different from person to person.

For example, pig kidney has the effect of tonifying the kidney, but patients with kidney stones are not suitable for consumption. Instead, they need to limit the absorption of animal internal organs.

  From this point of view, tonic is not necessarily to eat and supplement, be careful to make up for mistakes.

Can you really eat it?
You made up the mistake.