[Food good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular]_Food therapy_How to choose

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[Food good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular]_Food therapy_How to choose

If you suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, you need to treat or control them with medications, and continue to change your daily eating habits.

And because even if the cardio-cerebral vascular disease is cured in a short time, its recurrence rate is very high. This is because some patients do not notice the daily diet after they are cured, and eat more of the cardio-cerebral vascular disease.Reduced food, then what kind of food is good for the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular?

Someone at home who has cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, come and find out.

11. Garlic contains methacrylic trisulfide, which can reduce total cholesterol, low density cholesterol, and triglycerides, and prevent the formation of blood clots.

2. Apple pigment pectin, cellulose, anthocyanins and vitamin C can reduce low density cholesterol and increase high density cholesterol.

3, black fungus contains high amounts of fiber, lecithin, colloid, carotene, but also has anticoagulant effect.

4, kelp toxic iron, calcium, iodine, colloidal fiber, essential amino acids, vitamins A and B2, also has the effect of reducing cholesterol.

5, oat can use plasma fiber and glucose and other additive fibers, which can effectively reduce the total blood and low-density blood plasma.

6, onion contains prostaglandin A, which is a strong and potent vasodilator, which can increase coronary and terminal vascular flow and prevent thrombosis. It also contains diallyl disulfide, which can lower blood lipids and prevent arteries.Atherosclerosis.

7, yam is expected to grow fibers, and its viscous liquid content can improve tube elasticity and prevent arteriosclerosis.

8. Fish oil contains EPA and DHA. In addition to activating brain cell functions, it can also reduce total cholesterol in blood and triglycerides in blood. It is called a vascular scavenger.

9, tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. When cooked or fried in oil, lycopene will be released in large amounts.

With powerful antioxidants, it also lowers triglycerides in the blood.

10. Cabbage Cabbage Cabbage is known as “thrombosis plaque scavenger”. It contains a lot of supplementary fiber, carotene, which can lower blood pressure, help stabilize blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis.
There are some kinds of foods that are not good for cardiovascular disease. Burning eggplant and burning eggplant are the most fragrant and the most delicious.

But what you don’t know is that eggplants are loose and porous and very “oily”. After oil, eggplants will absorb a lot of oil like a sponge.

2. Di San Xian Di San Xian The main ingredients of this dish are potatoes, eggplant, green peppers, but these ingredients need to be fried.

After oil, its oil content is more than a bowl of braised pork with oil.

3, dried beans, dried beans, sounds like it has nothing to do with oil, in fact, beans are mostly fried.

The fried dried cowpeas completely changed beyond the standard, and may also bring safety risks.

Because when fried, the beans may be out of focus.

If the beans are not cooked thoroughly, food poisoning may result.

4. Although fried dumpling box is a health food, its starch content is close to that of potatoes, and the outer surface is wrapped with batter. This way, the food that replaces starch will be carcinogens such as titanium amide by frying at high temperature.

At the same time, high-pressure oil is adsorbed on the box, excessive consumption is really harmful to health.

5, boiled meat, boiled fish, boiled fish, boiled meat are the two most commonly ordered “boiled vegetables”, but in fact we have eaten know that this is not boiled vegetables at all but oil-cooked vegetables.

Although in the boiled broth, the oil is on the top and the water is on the bottom, when the meat is picked up, the oil on the top will stick to the meat and vegetables, which is very unhealthy.

6, dry pot dishes dry pot baby dishes, dry pot chiba tofu, dry pot cabbage, these are the most commonly ordered dry pot dishes.

However, in order to achieve the characteristics of “spicy and fragrant”, most of the ingredients need to be processed through “oil”.

In this way, the oil content of the wok dishes is greatly increased.

In addition, dry dishes generally require continuous heating, and most of the fat will be absorbed by the dishes.

7, Maoxuewang Maoxuewang can be said to be a famous dish in Chongqing, but also a very “oily” dish.

All the dishes are cooked with oil, it can be said that they are drinking oil with one bite, without exaggeration.

8. Pan-boiled pork This is a Northeast-style dish. The method is to marinate pork tenderloin slices, wrap it in frying paste, fry it in a pan and wait until it is golden brown.

The light oil pan needs to go at least a few times. The nature of its high oil is conceivable, so for health, it is better to eat less.