Five principles of exercise for the elderly

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Five principles of exercise for the elderly

Xi’an Sports Bureau professionals remind older friends to pay attention to five principles when exercising: First, we should focus on sports that help the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, such as jogging and walking.

Each exercise time is about 30 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week, and should not be too intense.

People who are older or have a lower body can appropriately reduce exercise time and intensity.

  Second, the elderly still need to pay attention to weight training.

Weight training plays an active role in slowing bone loss, preventing muscle atrophy, and maintaining organ function.

Older people should choose lightweight, safe weight training, such as lifting a small sandbag, holding a small barbell, pulling a light spring, etc., not too long each time.

  Third, we must pay attention to maintaining the “balance” of physical exercise.

The “balance” of physical exercise should include muscle diameter, weight training, elastic training and cardiovascular exercise. As for how to match, it depends on individual circumstances.

  Fourth, the elderly and the physically weak should also participate in the right amount of physical exercise, because the degree of harm to the body caused by sedentary.

Such elderly people should choose a mode of exercise that is small and suitable for their own body, such as walking slowly instead of running or aerobics.

  Fifth, we must pay attention to the psychological factors related to exercise.

Because the elderly are weaker and have poor physical fitness, too many people will have fear when exercising, which will greatly reduce the exercise effect.

Therefore, the elderly have proved to have the correct mentality during exercise: only by persisting in exercise can they play a role in physical fitness.