Do you want to see the time?

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Choose three good times, the health effect will double

Do you want to see the time?
Choose three good times, the health effect will double

枸杞 Health, so many people will add something to eat, even when they want to drink beer, they will put two cockroaches.

枸杞 has a great effect on people’s health care and has many good effects.

Some people like to drink sputum because it can enhance immunity.

Can soaking water really enhance immunity?

When is it better to eat?

Let us take a look.

Lu Shan, a chief physician of gynecology at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said in an interview that cockroaches have a good health function. It is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, delaying aging, and regulating blood sugar is very effective.

In addition, sputum can also regulate the body’s immunity, and cancer patients can also drink more sputum, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting tumor growth.

Can soaking water enhance human immunity?

Enhancing human immunity is a significant effect, and it is also the most talked about.

Many people are soaking up every day to enhance immunity and improve disease resistance.

Studies have shown that sputum can enhance human immunity and improve human hematopoietic function.

In the course of tumor treatment, it can effectively inhibit the growth and mutation of tumor cells.

It can also increase the number of white blood cells to achieve the purpose of fighting disease.

Therefore, soaking water can really enhance people’s immunity, whether they are young or old.

When is it better to drink?

1, when using eye fatigue, there is the effect of nourishing the liver and clearing the eye. If you feel that your eyes are very sore, you can take a cup of sputum to relieve the symptoms of eye discomfort.

Because it is rich in carotene and vitamin A, it can effectively relieve the pain and dryness of the eyes, and the action time is fast.

Therefore, it is better to drink sputum when using eye fatigue.

2, when working fatigue, because the sputum is rich in impurities, and a small amount can supplement human energy, drink a cup during fatigue can make people recover, better committed to work and study.

Therefore, when you work or study in the afternoon, you can make a cup of water, which has the effect of health care, can alleviate fatigue and improve the efficiency of learning in the afternoon.

3, want to make up the kidneys in the evening to drink the yin and tonifying kidney effect is very good, people who want to kidney, must drink more.

Because the most active time for the kidney is at 5:00 in the afternoon?
7:00, so drink more during this time, the effect of kidney can be the best.

People who want to maintain health can drink a cup of water every day, which is both economical and effective.

However, it is not a crowd that everyone is suitable for drinking. It is important to note that before drinking, it is important to know if you are a person who does not recommend drinking.