[Efficacy of White Flower Papaya]_Benefits_Effects

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[Efficacy of White Flower Papaya]_Benefits_Effects

Speaking of papaya, I believe everyone knows that papaya itself has a spleen appetizer, can heal liver diseases, and can eliminate rheumatism. It also has a good effect on the treatment of rheumatism, cholera, enteritis, athlete’s foot and other problems. Many of them are in line with them becauseLack of vitamins, need to fully supplement the constitution of vitamins, whether it is used for porridge, soup, cooking, the taste is very good.

According to the record of “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Papaya white flowers: Papaya has the effects of relieving liver and activating collaterals, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, relieving liver pain, relieving wind and dehumidifying, and can be used to treat rheumatism, cholera, ulcers, enteritis, beriberi and vitamin deficiency.

Modern medical proof: Papaya contains oleanolic acid, a variety of amino acids, ginsenosides and other ingredients in a broad spectrum of antibiotics, which is beneficial to human health and longevity.

White flower papaya has a moderate sour taste and less bitterness than red flower papaya. People now use papaya to cook pig feet, papaya to cook fried chicken, stir-fried meat, and sauerkraut to eat. It is appetizing and can also treat diseases.

At present, the county has a planting scale of 10,000 mu, with a total output of 200 tons.

The efficacy and role of papaya 1.

Spleen and digestion can be decomposed into fatty acids in trace amounts; modern medicine has found that papaya contains an enzyme that can digest protein, which is beneficial to the body’s digestion and absorption of food.


Anti-epidemic insecticidal papaya and papain have anti-tuberculosis and parasites such as roundworm, roundworm, whipworm, amoeba, etc., so it can be used for insecticide and anti-worming.


The rennet in lactating anti-cancer melon has the effect of lactating. Papaya has the function of resisting lymphocytic leukemia, so it can be used for lactating and treating lymphoid leukemia (blood cancer).


Supplement nutrition and improve disease resistance. Papaya contains a large amount of water, glucose, protein, trace amounts, multivitamins and various essential amino acids, which can effectively supplement human nutrients and enhance the body’s disease resistance.


The papaya contained in the papaya pulp of anti-depressive fractures has the effect of alleviating fracture pain, and has obvious therapeutic effect on preventing gastrocnemius spasm.

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