[What are the tips for making brown sugar buns?

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]_ Production method _ home practice

[What are the tips for making brown sugar buns?

]_ Production method _ home practice

Steamed bread is a kind of pasta that is very convenient to eat, and it can be eaten by most people. Steamed bread can be supplemented with rich nutrition, such as steamed bread to replace starch, and steamed bread has many health benefits, such as good gastrointestinal health.Chewing slowly, it is easy to digest and absorb. There are many types of steamed buns. Some people have invented brown sugar steamed buns. The method of making this steamed bun is as follows.

Tips for making brown sugar buns: Friends in the north may easily make buns, but for people in the south, making buns is still a job with a high coefficient, so how can we make soft and delicious buns?Then, a little bit of common sense skills are needed.

It is recommended that you can use a bread machine to make steamed buns. This is very practical for southerners who have no old noodles and no noodle skills.

Here is an example to share how to do it.

600 grams of flour, 300 grams of water, 50 grams of brown sugar, 4 grams of baking powder, and 4 grams of salt. First, take out the bread bucket of the bread machine and pour water.

Here is a little common sense of life. Use a bread machine to make pasta. Regardless of bread and buns, remember to put water first.

Then add flour.

Here is a little common sense. For pasta masters, the recipe is very fine, but for novice friends, as long as you master this ratio, it is flour: water = 2: 1, so if the water is100 grams, that is 200 grams of flour, 200 grams of water, and 400 grams of flour.

And through many practices, it was found to be absolutely feasible and highly successful.

Then add brown sugar, yeast powder, and salt powder. The third common sense of life here is that sugar, salt, and baking powder must be separated and not overlapped, as far as they can be. This can increase the success rate of fermentation.
Then put the bread bucket into the toaster.

Ready to begin.

In the bread machine, there is generally no function of making steamed buns, but they are all pasta, which can be integrated, and the bread program is converted into a steamed bread program. Here you need to replace it yourself.

For example, you can use the worry-free dough function. Most bread makers have it, and the set time is half an hour. Generally, the bread machine’s dough time cannot be changed. Click to start dough mixing.

Wait 5-10 minutes, preferably 6 minutes, and close the program manually.

Because the time is short, the face is not enough, and the time is long, the steamed bread will be too dry.

: At a glance of the bread bucket, the noodles have been reconciled.

Let’s start fermentation.

Click on the fermentation function of the bread machine. Generally, the replacement time of the bread machine is one and a half hours, and the time can be modified to 40 minutes. However, the average bread machine cannot modify the time. Click to start fermentation.

At this time, because the time is too long, it is not like waiting at the side immediately when you are in the face. At this time, you can use this little prop, that is, the timer, set the time to 40 minutes, and then you can do other thingsAlready.

Time is up, turn on the bread machine and check it. At this time, the dough will grow to 1-3 times the size.

The fourth common sense of life is: check whether the fermentation is successful, poke the dough with your hands, and if it does not recover immediately, the fermentation is successful.

At this time, directly aim at a ball of dough, knead it at will, and knead it into a round dough, put it in a steamer filled with water, and leave it for 10 minutes to start steaming.

There are also a few tips for living here. First of all, the steamed steamed buns are best boiled. If you leave them for ten minutes, you will also benefit from the secondary fermentation.

First of all, the steamed grid placed on the steamed bun was wiped with oil before it would not stick.

After steaming for 20 minutes on the high fire, stuffy for 5 minutes, and it’s done.

: Look, the gimmicks are ready.

If the steamed bread blooms naturally, that is, the surface cracks, it means that the steamed bread steamed better.

Judging from a brown sugar bun, this is a naturally blooming bun, a bite, sweet and soft. Although it may not be too beautiful in appearance, it tastes absolutely good.