The latest list of A-shares held by senior executives has been released. These stocks have been swept up.

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The latest list of A-shares held by senior executives has been released. These stocks have been swept up.

In fact, the company’s executives increased their stocks mainly because they are optimistic about the company’s mid- and long-term development. They believe that they have been undervalued at present and objectively send a positive message to the market.

The reason is that, due to the convenience of their positions, senior executives have a good grasp of the management and operation of listed companies and their performance and profitability. They are the people who know the potential of a listed company best.

  Securities Times · Statistics show that since this year, the number of A-share executives’ net increase in shares (increase in shares-decrease in shares) is -51135.

750,000 shares, with a net increase of -60.

At $ 4.6 billion, overall executives are selling shares.

Among them, the executives of 44 listed companies have a positive net increase, which is distributed in 19 Shenwan industries, with the largest number of electronic stocks and pharmaceutical and biological stocks, each with 5.

  The leisure service industry is leading other industries and has become the most active sector for executives to increase their holdings this year.

Food and beverage, machinery and equipment are also better because of better fundamentals, and executives ‘confidence has increased greatly, and they have entered the first echelon.

Specifically, since the beginning of this year, the leisure service industry has a net increase of 1.67 million shares, with a total amount of 73.48 million yuan, ranking first.

The food and beverage industry was followed by a net increase of 161.

880,000 shares with a total amount of 3129.

380,000 yuan.

Other industries with high net holdings by senior executives include machinery and equipment, non-ferrous metals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, banking, and electronics.

  From the perspective of individual stocks, 14 executives have increased their net holdings by more than 1 million this year.

Among them, Dalian Shengya’s executive Yang Ziping increased its holdings of 1.67 million shares, accounting for 1 of the outstanding shares.

3%, amounting to 73.48 million yuan, ranking first.

Miao Kelanduo’s executive Chai Zheng increased his share holdings to zero.

35%, the amount is 2563.

670,000 yuan, the executive officer of Christie Technology Pan Lei increased the shareholding ratio of the outstanding shares to zero.

57%, the amount of 22.1 million yuan, ranked second or third.

  Dalian Shengya announced that director Yang Ziping plans to use its own or self-raised funds to increase its shareholding of 0% to10%, that is, the increase in holdings does not exceed 12.88 million shares, and the total does not exceed 15007269 shares.

Before this year, Yang Ziping held 212 shares in the company.

730,000 shares, this time holdings of 1.67 million shares, an increase of nearly 80%, the number of shares almost doubled.

  Executives’ holdings of stocks generally show a positive attitude towards the company’s current status and future development, and the data also support this.

Statistics show that 21 out of 44 stocks have issued 2019 performance notices, of which 16 stocks show good performance (pre-increasing, continued profit, turnaround, and slightly increase). Excluding uncertain stocks for performance forecast, accounting for the total number of stocks that have announced performance forecast89%.

  From the perspective of market performance, 44 executives’ net increase in stock holdings also performed better.

The annual growth of 35 stocks is expected, and only 9 stocks have declined in expenditure, with growth stocks accounting for 80%.

Among them, Invic has only one thin Yin line for the 13 trading days of the year, with five consecutive daily limit changes, which has been soaring 88%, ranking first.

The leading edge of the increase is also Jingfeng Mingyuan, Miao Kelanduo, Langzhong Construction, Yiwei Lithium Energy, the increase is more than 20%.

  Invic has caught up with the hottest new energy vehicle concept of the year. The company recently released a 2019 performance forecast and expects a profit of 15,091 in 2019.

210,000 yuan to 17247.

09 million yuan, an increase of 40% to 60% over the same period last year.

Firstly, the sales volume of the company’s ETC-related products has increased significantly.

In the report period, the company’s electric bus air-conditioning business revenue decreased compared with 2018.

Other businesses of the company include IDC room temperature control, 4G / 5G cabinet temperature control, ETC supporting cabinet temperature control, and rail transit train air conditioners.

  On the 20th, these stocks are most favored by the tracking fund of the Dragon Tiger List. On January 20, the funds in the institutions and business departments of the Dragon Tiger List netted 0.

5.7 billion, of which 19 stocks were net bought; 21 stocks were net sold.

The top three stocks for net purchases were Lansi Technology, Zhongke Chuangda, Yaoji Technology, etc. The net purchase amount accounted for 8 of the day’s turnover.92%, 12.

02%, 9.


  From the perspective of the capital flow of the market, the main fund has a net inflow of over one million and a total of 12 stocks have been bought on the Dragon Tiger List. Among them, on June, Jingde Electronics, Lansi Technology and other 淡水桑拿网 stocks had the largest net inflow of funds.

The stocks with the largest net inflow strength were Neptune Bio, Precision Measurement Electronics, Zhongke Chuangda, and the net inflow strength was 24.

40%, 17.

46%, 14.


  31 stocks continued to grow for more than five days at the latest closing. A total of 200 stocks in the two cities continued to grow for more than three trading days. 31 stocks continued to exceed five trading days. The top three companies with the most consecutive rising days were Hengli Kang.(10 days), Nanxing shares (8 days), Guanghetong (8 days).

During the period of consecutive stock gains, the top three are the largest ones, which are Invic (69.

70%), Lyon Technology (60.

67%), molding technology (46.


  It may be that, out of 200 stocks with continuous growth, the main funds gradually inflowed more than 100 million yuan during the period of 31 stocks.

Among them, ZTE has the most accumulated capital inflows, and the main capital has accumulated inflows of 10.

2.5 billion.

  The 53-day short-term moving average cash fork was terminated. On January 20, the 5-day moving average of 53 A-shares actively crossed the 10-day moving average. Among them, the 5-day moving average of HNA Foundation, Neptune Biotech, and Hangya Qianjin was earlierThe 10-day moving average distance is the largest, reaching 1 respectively.

63%, 0.

98%, 0.


  It may be that the leading funds, such as leading shares, Shentianma A, and Neptune Bio, have reached 1.

0.7 billion, 0.

9.2 billion, 0.

8.9 billion yuan.

  22 stocks stagflation at present There are 22 A-shares stagflation in the two cities. Among them, Furui, Astron, Hengli Petrochemical and other stocks have the largest volume ratio in 5 days, reaching 3 respectively.

07, 2.

05, 2.


  It is precisely that among the 22 heavy-strapped stocks rising, Antu Bio, Jiangshan Oupai, Jinyun Laser, Gujia Home Furnishing, Chongqing Department Store and other stocks have the largest net funds, each reaching 0.

3.2 billion, 0.

2.4 billion, 0.

1.1 billion, 0.

1.1 billion, 0.

07 billion.