[How the fried noodles are more crispy]_How to make noodles_How to make noodles

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[How the fried noodles are more crispy]_How to make noodles_How to make noodles

If you want to fry the twists and crisps, you must pay attention to the noodles first. Prepare two portions of flour, one is oil and noodles, and the other is water and noodles. You can put water in the noodles.Add 1 or 2 eggs. If you like sweet taste, you can put some sugar. If you like salty taste, you can put a little more salt. After dialling, combine the two kinds of noodles into one to make noodles. Then wake up for 30 minutesabout.

How to make fried noodles more crispy? Main ingredients: flour (appropriate amount) peanut oil (appropriate amount); accessories; kitchenware; wok; assorted snacks; salty sweet frying for one hour; normal difficulty1.

First divide the flour into two portions, one with oil and pasta, and the other with water and pasta.

(You can put one or two eggs in the flour, and salt or sugar to see if everyone tastes sweet or salty.) After making it, combine it into two, and make it even.

Follow me for about 30 minutes.


Knead the dough into a strip.

(Accidentally turned on the flash, it turned yellow) Hehe 3.

After cutting the small portion, I cut a small twist of about 5 grams, depending on whether you like cannabis flower or small twist, like eating cannabis flowers can be cut larger 4.

Incorporate a small piece of softening into the strip.

Those who like to eat sesame twist can also sprinkle some sesame on the chopping board and knead the noodles during the meat noodles in this step.


The two ends start to twist left and right, and then overlap.


Continue to twist, continue to make them coincide, and the last little tail is tucked into the hole.


After tucked in, Twist initially succeeded.


Come on, huh, isn’t it beautiful?


Followed by firing, put oil, when the oil heats up to 80%, you can put twist in it.

After putting it in, it should be fried slowly on a small fire.


Fry until golden brown and it’s ready to serve. The fresh twist is ready.

Method 2 1 Put the sugar in boiling water, stir and spread it for later use; 2 Add the oil to flour and baking soda; 3 Add the sugar and water to the flour and stir; 4 Knead and cover with plastic wrap 10-15 minutes; it should be noted that: the sugar must be melted in hot water and then spread for cooling. Adding it directly will cause the fried twist to be uneven in color; add a spoonful of oil to the dough to make the twist more crispy;After kneading, first knead for 10-15 minutes, and knead the kneaded ingredients into strips, then knead for 10-15 minutes. After forming the dough of the same size, you must knead the dough while kneading into long strips. In this way, the movement can be exerted. The method of rubbing is very important. First rub it into a supplement strip, then rub your hands in opposite directions. After twisting, they will automatically roll and twist together, and then pinch the sides to shape; (My pot is not large,So after twisting into a twist of alkaline strips, I twist it again in the same way, you can just go straight to the pan once, so that the frying time does not need to be so long); the temperature should be 140 degrees-150 degrees when fried,First explode it with a large fire, and the twist will change to a small fire when it floats;能After toggle, so as not to affect the shape, can be changed to a small fire slowly fried out of the water, cannabis can be more crisp.