Do not use a mug

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Do not use a mug

Do not use a thermos cup for tea, because the tea contains aromatic substances, which will be greatly reduced at high temperatures and constant temperatures, and the taste of the tea is too low.

You can’t use the freshly opened water, or put the tea in the filter, otherwise the rich vitamins will be lost.


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  If you drink tea while eating, it is best to eat some fruit or take vitamin C tablets after a meal.

This can increase the body’s absorption of vitamin C.

  It is rich in vitamin C, which has little effect on the absorption of iron and can be drunk.

  The benefits and harmfulness of tea drinking: tea is very rich, about 300 kinds of it, like theophylline, theobromine, crude fiber, gum, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin P, also contains rutin activity”Tea Tannin” is a nutrient that is beneficial to the human body.

  Experts say that drinking tea can reduce the incidence of blood lipids, plasma, and vascular sclerosis.

Tea polyphenols in tea are anti-oxidants and can exert beauty effects.

In addition to detoxification, hemostasis, and anti-oxidation, tea tannin can also play an anti-cancer effect. Adhering to long-term tea drinking can effectively inhibit bladder cancer and kidney cancer.

  In addition, in the tea, it can increase the concentration of the protein in the plasma and reduce the incidence of ().

The commonly used strong tea mouthwash also has the function of prevention, so for those who often smoke and have oral mucosal ulceration, it is a good idea.

  Green tea is the best in tea. The content of tea polyphenols is high and can be prevented. The elements in tea can be effectively prevented.

Black tea is fermented and transformed in the process of drying, so the color of tea is black, the content of vitamin C and tannin is also greatly reduced, but it has the effect of warming the stomach and chilling.

  Editor’s note: Some people in life like to brew tea repeatedly until they can’t taste it; some people change the tea one or two times.

These two practices are correct and correct. A cup of tea is actually brewed for a while. It is better to see it: Do not brew more than three times in bulk: Do not drink more tea, otherwise it will cause excessive excitement, rapid heartbeat, frequent urination, etc.Adverse reactions.

Moreover, due to excessive loss of urinary calcium, the gastric mucosa is over-stimulated, and long-term drinking of strong tea is also likely to cause stomach ulcers.

  For office workers, sufficient energy is very important. If you drink too much tea before going to bed, your brain will be too awake to sleep, affecting rest.

In addition, iron deficiency anemia, preschool, active gastric ulcer patients, dysfunctional, stone, lactating women, patients with acute hypertension, are not suitable for drinking tea.