How to celebrate the old age after retirement

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How to celebrate the old age after retirement

In order to make the elderly rejoice after the retirement, we must pay attention to the following points: (1) To have a regular life: regular life and work, which is conducive to the rhythm of the physiological activities and psychological activities of the elderly, and is conducive to the physical health of the elderly.

  (2) Pay attention to the physiological and mental health of the diet: wash your hands before meals, eat every meal to try to quantify, avoid overeating, and pay attention to the mental health of the diet, try to be calm and happy before and after eating, avoid depression orViolent anger.

  (3) Do the right job as far as possible: the elderly have nothing to do after retirement, life loses the sense of rhythm, and the feeling of loneliness, this depressed state of mind is very unfavorable to physical health, and the work that can do what it can is an important means of prolonging life.
  (4) There must be artistic hobbies and entertainment activities: the hobby of the elderly for painting, calligraphy, music, poetry and other art can eliminate loneliness and loneliness and cultivate sentiment.

Older people also need appropriate recreational activities, but the time of participation should not be too long, the content should not be too thrilling or too dull, and it should not be too noisy.

  (5) Pay attention to psychological cultivation: The health education in the motherland medicine emphasizes the importance of psychological cultivation in health care.

Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to mental health, improve their mental health, and enjoy their old age happily.