[Vagina is too loose but also causes illness]

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[Vagina is too loose but also causes illness]

In the past, there were many children, and most of them were born in labor. “One leg and one baby” was easy to raise, but “worried”-the big girl who once had a thin waist with willows. When she was a mother, her waist was thick and her ass was bigger, which was more embarrassing.”Below” has become loose.

An older sister once repeated with Li Qiang, director of plastic surgery at the Gynecology Department of the Chinese Academy of Medical Plastic Surgery. Sometimes when the abdomen is strained, the vagina will leak out like a wind, which is very embarrassing.

“Most middle-aged and elderly women who have experienced births have similar situations, but are affected by traditional concepts and even know that they have an impact on sexual life. However, most of them don’t bother and do not know how to improve.

“But sometimes, it really doesn’t work.

An older sister was tortured by long-term stubborn constipation. She watched many departments such as anorectal and bowel medicine, and used laxative methods such as acupuncture and medication to no avail.

Finally, a doctor reminded her that this is constipation caused by vaginal relaxation. You can go to the plastic surgery department to do a yin reduction surgery and improve the quality of sexual life.

Upon hearing this, the older sister who was half a year old blushed and was annoyed by others. This has nothing to do with the vagina and shrinks the yin.